Delphix: Leading Data Company Overcomes GDPR Restrictions and Grows International Market Pipeline Using ABM Solutions

Delphix Is the Industry Leader in DevOps Test Data Management

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With 20+ patents under their belt, Delphix aims to inspire, shape, and rethink the way leading brands use data to serve their customers and grow their businesses. It operates in 10 offices worldwide with 640 employees serving more than 300 global customers. Delphix serves the world’s leading brands in retail, consumer packaged goods, financial services, telecom, and more to uncover new opportunities, innovate faster, and deliver game-changing digital experiences.

The company is passionate about helping enterprises use data to accelerate data-driven transformation. Its DevOps Data Platform combines enterprise-wide data coverage with data compliance to enable modern CI/CD workflows, accelerate the journey to the cloud, transform customer experiences, and increase the adoption of disruptive AI technologies.


Data compliance and security are fundamental to Delphix’s business, not only as a solution but also in how the company handles customer data, especially in the European market.

Delphix needed to grow its presence in the European market with prospective buyers and expand business opportunities within its existing customer base.

The company had a strong go-to-market strategy for conferences, user groups, and other field events. But, 
they needed more touchpoints at the top-of-the-funnel that aligned with their ideal customer profile and 
target accounts.

To keep pace with its ABM and digital marketing strategy, the campaign team looked for a B2B marketing vendor that could run targeted programs focused on:

  • Delivering GDPR-compliant leads across the UK, France, and Germany
  • Exclusively generating leads from key buyer personas and accounts
  • Quality engagements with a high propensity to convert to booked meetings
  • A cost-effective cost-per-lead model


Delphix Europe employs UnboundB2B, a global demand generation company, to grow its pipeline by identifying and delivering GDRP-compliant leads with a high propensity to convert to sales-qualified leads.

A refined approach to ABM marketing programs in Europe brings:

  • 3X more Leads
    With UnboundB2B, teams are able to deliver more leads at the top-of-the-funnel for a third of the cost. Generating a larger volume of leads with a limited budget set aside for content syndication programs enables the campaign team to grow their marketable and GDPR-compliant database faster than anticipated.
  • ICP Engagement
    UnboundB2B’s ability to run programs to a very targeted list of accounts in the UK, France, and Germany removed the complication teams were facing around targeting very specific ideal customer profiles.
  • Second Action
    Increased Likelihood to Take a Second Action – The ABM leads delivered by UnboundB2B have a high rate of engaging in a second action across marketing channels, such as registering for digital and physical events, click-through email content, or downloading website content. This increases the quality of the lead and the lead’s readiness to speak with the SDR team.
  • SQLs
    Higher Conversion-rate with SQLs – UnboundB2B’s intent-based content syndication programs and thorough BANT qualification process directly translate to more qualified meetings and marketing -sourced pipeline.
Account-based marketing is impossible without alignment across all demand generation teams and go-to-market programs. Companies, like Delphix, that challenge traditional marketing strategies and selling motions can stay in front of key buyers and grow pipeline faster.

To continue gaining traction in the European market, the business utilizes UnboundB2B’s content syndication and ABM solutions[RJ1] to maintain and grow a GDPR-compliant marketable database that is trusted by the sales team and leadership.

+25% marketing opportunities


By investing in ABM solutions, Delphix Europe is increasing its brand awareness across key countries and solidifying itself as the industry leader in DevOps test data management on the world stage.

Dedicated to growing its business and market share in Europe, Delphix doubled down on marketing investments across digital channels and ABM. Focusing only on generating leads from key accounts and buyer personas, the business was able to bring new leads into the top of the funnel, convert those leads across other marketing channels, and impact its bottom line.

Delphix grew its number of marketing sourced opportunities by 25% from the previous year by maintaining a focus on ABM and GDPR compliance across the demand generation funnel. Notably, Delphix saw an increase in qualified sales leads and marketing-sourced opportunities in its Germany-based accounts – a region the business previously struggled to penetrate due to Germany’s double opt-in regulations.

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