8 Demand Generation Trends To Grow Your Business in 2023

As the tech world progresses faster, so does marketing and demand generation. Learn how the current recession and AI advancements have opened up opportunities for unique campaign ideas. Explore 2023’s biggest demand generation trends including ABX, social analytics, thought-leadership content, privacy compliance, and Voice Search Marketing. Learn how these trends will go on to affect your strategy and campaigns to prepare for better results.
As fast-paced as the tech world is, 2023 has already seen its fair share of internet revolutions, so to speak. With it, comes a list of trends for marketing. And so, we’ve made a list of 2023 demand generation trends.
Understanding and implementing these trends will give you a good headstart for the year. You can learn how these trends fit into your current demand generation activities and see which gaps to fill.
Demand Generation Trends

1. Account Based Experience As a Part of Demand Generation

Account Based Marketing has always been a crucial part of your demand generation strategy. Traditionally, ABM was all about identifying and targeting key accounts by engaging with them. Whether your accounts were ready and willing to engage at that time, was never a consideration.
Account Based Experience changes that by re-thinking and changing the process. You make the process more customer-centric and focus on them throughout their buyer journey. ABX uses intelligent insights, collected through extensive market research, to identify the best approach and time to engage with your customers.
As a derivation of customer experience, ABX is the rage right now and is expected to be that way.

2. Growth in Social Analytics for Demand Generation

Social analytics is collecting and analyzing data from social channels that you use for demand generation. Marketers use that data to monitor demand generation and drive decisions in terms of content, messaging, promotional strategy, etc.
In 2023, data-driven demand generation strategies will take center stage. And at the core of it, lies social analytics. Social analytics will help you understand key insights like trends, campaign performance, and ROI.

3. Customer Support to Be an Extension of Your Marketing and Sales Alignment

You need marketing and sales alignment in demand generation to ensure a seamless transition for your leads. However, for B2B SaaS providers, the customer journey doesn’t end after the sale. So, here comes the inclusion of customer support in your demand generation process.
Aligning customer support teams with marketing and sales, allows you to address challenges your customers face after converting. This inclusion reduces churn rates. Additionally, your marketing team gets to understand what works and what doesn’t, helping them attract and convert better leads.

4. Inclusion of Voice Search Marketing

Voice assistants and AI is a huge part of how we interact with the internet. Voice search works on computers as well, but primarily, people use it on their phones.
Voice search marketing includes optimizing your content for better compatibility. Ideally, voice commands are extremely concise. For example, “free grammar tools”. According to SEMrush, 70% of voice search results are pulled from featured snippets. So to optimize your content for voice search, include FAQs or feature-snippet style content.

5. Multi-Media Thought Leadership Content

Publishing content like what is XYZ is outdated. Your audience’s attention span is limited. And guess what? All of your competitors are fighting for it. To get one over the other, companies are pushing generic information that crowds the internet with mediocre content. This creates a lose-lose scenario for the industry and consumers.
You need to stand apart from the crowd if you want to generate any kind of demand. So, thought leadership content that provides genuine value is the hottest demand generation trend, right now.

6. Huge Emphasis on Privacy Compliance

If you want to maintain a positive brand image in 2023, you need to focus on privacy compliance. Make sure your website has cookie consent, privacy requests and policies, and consent preferences wherever needed.
And, people on the internet, including your buyers, prefer to stay anonymous wherever possible. So unnecessarily including multiple fields in the form are not the way to do it, going forward.

7. Interactive Content Campaigns

As I mentioned earlier, your audience’s attention span is low, needing you to stand out. Another great way to create unique content, is with interactive campaigns. Consider leveraging AI text generator to craft engaging and dynamic content for your interactive campaigns.
Traditionally, content has been a one-way communication channel. Although you can engage with your audience through comments, it is still not two-way interactive communication. If you want to include interactive campaigns in your marketing collateral, you can try animated infographics, gamification of landing pages, augmented reality content, etc.

8. MarTech & AI Prominence To Increase

MarTech and AI are poised to play increasingly prominent roles in demand generation. Leveraging the power of data analytics, automation, and personalization, you’ll be able to optimize marketing strategies, drive targeted engagement, and enhance customer experiences.
Embracing MarTech and AI is becoming imperative for competitive advantage and sustainable growth. Especially with tools like ChatGPT, marketing activities like content creation will become easier. Like it or not, AI is going nowhere in 2023 and beyond.


2023 already looks to be an interesting year for demand generation. As companies continue to experience the recession, following these trends might help you ride the wave a little better. With these, you can work on creating a better demand generation strategy for this, and the coming years. If you want a guide for that check out our article: The Ultimate Guide to Create a Data-Driven B2B Demand Generation Strategy
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