ABM Strategy: Boosting Landing Page Conversion Rates

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategy that focuses on developing a small group of high-value leads rather than targeting a broad audience. It personalizes content, engages specific prospect accounts, and aims to increase revenue and customer retention. ABM involves identifying high-value accounts, inviting them to a personalized website, creating tailored conversations, and using post-click landing pages to provide solutions and address problems. It aligns marketing with sales and emphasizes consistent storytelling to build trust with clients.


Are you familiar with the aphorism “Quality over Quantity?” Same is applicable to lead generation, especially when its balls down to ABM strategy. ABM strategy is a marketing tactic that is based on developing a small group of leads, rather than engaging the entire public.

It Works –Inside Out!

In traditional marketing, as a business owner –you will be required to create content to draw different people from all works of life to your business. Reversed is the case in ABM, instead of creating content to reach a broader audience, this time, you will need to personalize and narrow your content and focus specifically on a targeted prospect account.
The primary aim of ABM is to create a chord with a specified audience, basically with a couple of targeted accounts that can generate substantial profit and room for business growth with time.
In reference to the remarks made by Raab David account-based marketing, who is a thought leader in ABM. He explained the scheme as “a strategy and not a technological process.” He also listed some vital tools that are important for the trade, these are:
  • Predictive and data modeling to help know your targeted account.
  • The use of campaign devices to assist message creation.
  • The use of execution schemes to send messages.
Raab David outlined 40 ABM vendors while sharing his ideas. Some that were rated as popular and result-oriented for ABM are:
  • Azalead
  • Madison Logic
  • Sendbloom
  • Engagio
  • Terminus
  • Demandbase

ABM Offers A Huge Advantage to B2B.

Account-based marketing has a significant influence on B2B, but the summary of this is in the phrase “increased revenue. It can be used to overcome most of the challenges encountered by B2B companies, including:
  • Low conversion rates
  • Giving more emphasis on vanity during the campaign, with factors like Facebook likes, that can appear dazzling but has little or no impact on the growth of a business or company.
Another positive impact of ABM strategy is –its customer retention technique. These include:
  • Getting things done in a personal way.
  • Building trust from a relationship.
  • Eliminating problems by anticipating issues beforehand.
  • It gives attention to the wants and needs of customers.

Your ABM Tactic

ABM is centered on a particular account, so it is imperative to know which account has more potential for growth and expansion. Since the strategy is centered on contents that are personalized to engage your customers, it is, therefore essential to know the best way you can engage an account.

Specify Account With High Value.

It pretty easy to get to your account and select the top earners in the last few years, but this should not be your only point for identifying a high-value account.

Invite Accounts That are High-Valued.

The next phase is to invite all targeted accounts to a personal website. You can do this using ad campaigns, personalized messages, and post-click.

Use Personalized Accounts.

Now all the major stakeholders are present on your personal site. The next phase is to proceed with creating relevant conversations that are well personalized to build on their level of experience. Do this by addressing issues regarding their needs and pain points; by so doing, they are likely to get converted easily.

Modify All Accounts Into Sales Accounts.

ABM campaigns is vital for the conversion of prospects, and it a sure way to drive and attain leads to a particular solution. At this point, the use of an automated system like email campaigns will yield dramatic results.

Close The Agreements.

You can get more insight and information regarding key players with the range of an account. Once you know your team members and how you can yield them to action. Doing this can aid increase your conversion rate; by personalizing your outreach campaign.

Landing Page Lead Generation

How Lead Generation Vendors Generate Leads Using a Post-Click Landing Page

The use of a post-click landing page is beneficial when it comes to ABM technique, especially when it’s combined with an ABM practice. This can most times include providing solution to specific problem and personalization.
Personalization of a Post-Click Landing Page.
Personalization is the bases of ABM. It can be done by collecting vital information about a key player within the reach of your account and using them to your advantage.
The page allows you to spot out visitors that return by displaying their destination, hottest deal, or season. You can personalize your page by looking out for the following:
  • The basic three search words that attract a visitor to your website.
  • The kind of sale that the visitor reviews regularly.
Solve Problems Using Post-Click Landing Pages
To know a targeted account is to see the problem of the targeted account. With this information, the use of a post clicking landing page helps to provide solutions and address problems.
The landing page will provide specific solutions and gratifications by delivering a filled form and click on “View Now” tag.
Other Practices On ABM
Aside from providing answers to specific problems and personalization of information, there are different significant strategies embedded in ABM marketing that makes it the best technique to be practiced. One of these is: the use of universal storylines and consistent stories should be via all the steps in your ABM campaigns and content. A Storytelling strength will help incline the trust of your prospect and make them feel more comfortable.

Tips: In your next ABM campaign you will need to take advantage of post-click landing pages

Daily the ABM is gradually gaining more trust and momentum. The tactic help to build personal relationship build trust with clients via a high opportunity that can create room for growth and additional business with time.


ABM marketing best practice is helpful in solving out problems, focusing more on account, aligning marketing with sales to help actualize a market goal. The technique is flexible enough and gives room to employ different strategies at the same time on your page. And these additional strategies are most times important in your ABM success.
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