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How a US-Based Software Company Used Content Syndication to Get a 178% Increase in Lead Conversion Rates

A Tech Company hired UnboundB2B to help it boost its ROI. UnboundB2B ran a 3-month email marketing and content syndication campaign for the company, leading to an increase in highly qualified leads and lead conversion rates. Read on to find out how the campaign delivered these results.
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Campaign Type


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Target Location:


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Email Marketing and & Content Syndication (ABM Approach)

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Target Audience:

CTOs, CIOs, IT VPs and AVPs, IT Heads, Managers, Assistant Managers and Directors, SAP Architects, Developers and Managers

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Target Industry:

All Industries

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250 – 2000

About the Client

The client is a leading software company that helps enterprises in modernizing their SAP business processes. The company also allows enterprises to test their processes on its automated platform to deliver fast and smooth releases.

The Challenge

The company wanted to expand its customer base and attract clients from different niches. Its sales team used traditional marketing strategies like cold emails and cold-calling to attract customers from different sectors. These strategies didn’t generate the results the company had on its expansion plan. Instead, they attracted low quality leads that only caused a significant drop in conversion rates. Before long, the company’s ROI was on a downward trend. It needed a lead generation company to conduct an in-depth analysis of its marketing strategy and apply a BANT approach to generate high-quality leads and create a productive sales pipeline in other niches.

The top highlights from what we noticed

Our initial conversation with the client revealed these four pain points:

Ineffective sales pipeline that couldn’t deliver the desired results

Challenges attracting quality leads from other niches

Leads Generated and Converted over Time

Difficulty converting leads to customers

Reducing Return on Investment (ROI)

Our Solution

UnboundB2B used its HQL lead generation solution to solve the client’s problem. The solution helps enterprises to boost their sales pipeline with high-quality, sales-ready leads. Our solution was delivered results in three key steps:

Understanding the Target Audience: Upon understanding the client’s target location, industry, and decision makers, UnboundB2B created ideal customer profiles (ICPs) to enable it to qualify accounts. The ICPs were used to classify prospects based on revenue, industry, needs, interests and location. A list with contacts was created and approved by the client. UnboundB2B segmented the contacts into firmographic and demographic prospects.

Telemarketing: UnboundB2B used the ABM approach to identify B2B purchase decision makers. Our marketing team developed a customer information tool to identify prospects who are already in the consideration or decision making phase of the buyer’s journey. A telemarketing script with questions on critical elements for identifying qualified, sales-ready leads was administered to prospects. The four aspects featured in the script were prospect’s need, decision making authority, budget allocation and purchase timelines.

Predictive Analytics

Used to understand prospect behavior

Email Marketing

Used to disseminate targeted content


Applied to identify sales-ready prospects

Email Marketing Campaign: Each segment was targeted with relevant content using emails, social media, and web pages. Highly personalized emails were sent to all the prospects. The email copy contained an invite to a quick chat with the UnboundB2B team. An AI Predictive Analytics tool was used to understand prospect’s behavior based on their interaction with the marketing content.

Lead Scoring: Leads were scored based on the behavior along the buyer’s journey. Prospects that showed positive interactions were nurtured using email newsletters. The emails featured links to content assets that matched their interests. Prospects that demonstrated interest in client’s service or product offerings were pushed to client’s Customer Relationship Management system in real time.

Monthly Analytics of HQLs Generated

High Quality Leads Generated


Increase in Conversion Rates


Increase in ROI

UnboundB2B successfully completed a 3-month HQL lead generation campaign for the client. The campaign leveraged the ABM approach. Our team created a list of best-fit accounts and delivered highly qualified prospects to the client. The campaign created new opportunities for the client to increase customer acquisition and retention.

Region wise lead distribution

Boost Lead Conversions with ABM-Powered Emails

UnboundB2B specializes in B2B demand generation for Tech and Enterprise companies. Contact us to find out how our email marketing and content syndication solutions can generate HQLs for your company, shorten your sales cycle and maximize returns for the marketing investment you make.

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