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A SaaS Company Closes 119% More Deals with UnboundB2B’s ABM Campaign

Our SaaS client struggled to reach and engage key decision-makers from B2B target accounts. UnboundB2B's sales and marketing team ran an ABM campaign to generate 217 MQLs and increase deal closure by 119% in just 3 months. Read on to discover how.
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ABM Approach

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Target Audience:

CTOs, CIOs, IT VPs and AVPs, IT Heads, Managers, Assistant Managers and Directors, Developers and Managers

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All Industries

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About the Client

Our client is a leading SaaS company offering a CRM platform to power sales and marketing functions in small and medium-sized companies. Its CRM software gives 400+ companies a bird’s eye view of customer and prospect interactions. It facilitates information sharing between teams and supports data-driven decision-making to power strategic marketing activities.

The Challenge

The SaaS company wanted to expand its customer base and grow revenues.  It needed to generate demand for its CRM platform, but small marketing campaigns had not generated high-quality leads. Instead, the campaigns attracted low-quality leads that could not convert. The company’s sales and marketing teams operated in silos, making it hard to nurture leads. 

High-quality leads would be businesses that planned to automate marketing functions or those that had already automated the functions, but wanted to shift to a new service provider. The client’s marketing team struggled to reach key decision-makers in the accounts it targeted. The company sought for a strategic marketing partner to boost its marketing efforts and reach decision-makers to create new sales opportunities.

The top highlights from what we noticed

The client was struggling with four key challenges:

Challenges reaching key decision-makers

Difficulty generating demand for software product

A representation of how a SaaS company used UnboundB2B's ABM Campaign to increase contract closing by 119%.

 Low-quality leads that couldn’t convert

Siloed sales and marketing teams

Our Solution

The UnboundB2B team recommended the Account-Based Marketing approach to demand generation. They focused on turning the company’s siloed marketing and sales efforts  around to generate product demand in four steps:

  • ICP Development: Our team worked with the client’s sales and marketing teams to research and develop ideal customer profiles for each target account. The teams also segmented the accounts and mapped the buyer’s journey for each target segment. The buyer personas and journeys were used to craft targeted marketing messages for each account.

Buyer Personas

Identify high-quality accounts

Demand Generation Roadmap

Guide implementation of demand generation activities

Content Syndication

Distribute persona-specific content

Impact of UnboundB2B's account-based marketing on a SaaS company, which resulted in a 119% increase in concluded deals

Demand Generation Strategy: Our team crafted a demand generation strategy and plan for the client based on its ideal customers. We audited the company’s marketing mix and developed a clear demand generation plan, complete with measurable objectives. The strategy contained a detailed analysis of the client’s current state and identified strategic growth opportunities.

Sales Enablement Strategy: Our team crafted and implemented a sales enablement strategy as part of the solution. The strategy involved reconfiguring the client’s marketing automation software, recreating landing pages and developing workflows to direct sales-ready leads to the sales team. Sales rep efficiency was improved and the sales process automated.

Account-Based Campaigns: Our team worked with the client’s sales and marketing team to prioritize high-potential accounts and craft an ABM campaign. Decision-makers in selected accounts were targeted with persona-specific content like white-papers and social media posts. To boost engagement on the white-papers, we ran programmatic ads. These ads featured custom-made static and dynamic banners to promote our client’s content. We also used email campaigns to nurture new and existing leads from our database.

The team also used Tech Research Online, UnboundB2B’s publishing website to drive traffic to the tech audience. The website enabled our marketing team to identify potential prospects who match the client’s ICP and engage with similar content. UnboundB2B’s AI-powered automation tool was used to identify and track each prospect’s behavior. This enabled the team to identify the right prospects and filter uninterested ones.


MQLs Generated


Target Accounts Engaged


Increase in Deals Closed

UnboundB2B successfully completed a 3-month MQL campaign for HR Tech Company to promote its solution. Our team increased awareness of the company’s new service, enabling it to create brand value and increase conversion. The ABM-based content syndication campaign created new opportunities to increase customer acquisition.

Impact of UnboundB2B's account-based marketing on a SaaS company, which resulted in a 119% increase in concluded deals

Market New Products with ABM Content Syndication

UnboundB2B specializes in B2B demand generation for Tech and Enterprise companies. Contact us to find out how our email marketing and content syndication solutions can generate HQLs for your company, shorten your sales cycle and maximize returns for the marketing investment you make.

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