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GoTo Grows Sales Pipeline by 138% With UnboundB2B’s Content Syndication Solution

Is it possible to double or triple MQLs in just four months? GoTo did it! The Tech Company hired UnboundB2B to run a content syndication campaign to attract Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). The campaign generated 4000+ MQLs for GoTo. Read on to find out how UnboundB2B delivered these results.
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Campaign Type


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Target Location:

North America & EMEA

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Content Syndication

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Target Audience:

IT Managers, CIOs, CTOs, CEOs, VPs of Technology, IT Directors and Systems/Network, Administrators

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Target Industry:

All Industries

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50 – 2000

About the Client

GoTo is a US-based remote work technology firm specializing in providing a secure working environment for teams across the globe. GoTo does this by offering software solutions that simplify the way teams connect, work and and interact with the world around them. These solutions include GoTo Connect that features unified phones, chat and meetings, contact center, video conferencing, conference room, and a webinar and training platforms. Other solutions are GoTo Resolve and GoTo Rescue.

The Challenge

GoTo had just launched a new application that combines communication and support solutions, new products and a new partner network. But with these changes, the tech enterprise was experiencing challenges generating high numbers of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that could convert into paying customers fast.

There was a need to address this challenge and boost its ROI. The company found it necessary to create a strong sales pipeline that attracts quality top-of-the-funnel leads that its sales development representatives could nurture into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) using marketing automation. Before approaching UnboundB2B, GoTo’s in-house marketing team had attempted to generate MQLs using content marketing strategies like blogging and social media.

But these didn’t work. The team experienced challenges generating the quality and quantity of leads the company needed. To supercharge its MQL generation efforts, the company reached out to UnboundB2B’s marketing team.

The top highlights from what we noticed

The client was struggling with four key challenges:

The sales pipeline was not producing the desired results

Difficulty in attracting high quantities of Marketing Quality Leads

Leads Generated & Converted over time

Traditional marketing strategies didn’t work

– ROI on marketing spending had taken a dip

Our Solution

GoTo embarked on a search for a demand generation company, leading them to discover UnboundB2B’s MQL generation services. Our marketing team held a meeting with the client’s team and upon assessing the situation, it was apparent that our content syndication strategy was the most suitable solution to the MQL generation challenge. The main objectives of the content syndication campaign were to:

  • Increase the number of MQLs generated through GoTo’s content marketing efforts
  • Increase lead conversions – from MQLs to SQLs
  • Increase product sales and boost ROI

The UnboundB2B team developed a content syndication strategy for the MQL campaign in line with GoTo’s goal. The strategy involved undertaking three key steps:

Landing Page Design: UnboundB2B worked with GoTo’s marketing team to identify the products the company wanted to generate MQLs for plus lead magnets to be used in the campaign. The team designed partner branded landing pages that offer visitors gated access to content assets. Lead data capture forms were included in the landing pages.

Landing Pages

Tool used to capture lead data

Newsletter Promotion

Strategy used to promote landing pages

AI-Powered Automation

Tool used to score leads

Landing Page Promotion: The UnboundB2B marketing team used digital display promotion, newsletter promotion & organic social media to promote GoTo’s landing pages online. Specifically, the whitepapers were gated behind the landing pages and hosted on Unbound B2B’s tech publishing platform that features over 7 million buyers in the IT industry.

Lead Capturing and Delivery: UnboundB2B marketers used our company’s AI-powered automation tool to score leads captured by the lead capture form on the landing page. MQLs were delivered to GoTo weekly through password protected excel sheets after two rounds of quality check.

Monthly Analytics of MQLs generated for GoTo.

MQLs Delivered to GoTo


Growth in Sales Pipeline


Decrease in Sales Cycle Length


Increase in ROI

UnboundB2B successfully completed a 4-month content syndication campaign for the client. Our team created a list of best-fit accounts and delivered Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to the client. The campaign created new opportunities for the client to boost customer acquisition and retention.

Region wise Lead distribution

Grow your Sales Pipeline with Content Syndication

UnboundB2B specializes in B2B demand generation for Tech and Enterprise companies. Contact us to find out how our email marketing and content syndication solutions can generate HQLs for your company, shorten your sales cycle and maximize returns for the marketing investment you make.

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