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How an HR Tech Company Promoted Its New Solution Using ABM-Based Content Syndication

A Tech Company struggled to market a new solution to its target audience. UnboundB2B's ABM-Approach to content syndication helped it overcome this challenge, attracting 1000+ qualified leads in just 3 months. Read on to find out how these results were achieved.
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Target Location:


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Account-Based Marketing (ABM Approach)

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Target Audience:

Human Resources VPs, Directors and Managers, Payroll Heads, VPs, Managers and Directors

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Target Industry:

All Industries

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About the Client

The client was a software company that provides human resource, payroll and talent management software and solutions to all business sizes. The company’s software solution makes it easier for companies to manage payrolls and the entire employment cycle.

The Challenge

The client had launched a new automated HR solution and wanted to create awareness about it. The value proposition of the solution was to help businesses in automating HR processes to save time. Prior to reaching out to UnboundB2B, the client had created and disseminated content assets like infographics, whitepapers and eBooks through the company website and other channels.

The client had also established an in-house marketing team to reach prospects. However, this marketing strategy had not delivered the desired results with the client only getting a few downloads and leads that the company struggled to close. The company decided to outsource lead generation services to a reliable partner that could leverage content to drive funnel leads into the pipeline. The client approached UnboundB2B to perform this task and shared its pain points such as low awareness about the new solution and inappropriate accounts, etc

The top highlights from what we noticed

The client was struggling with four key challenges:

Low awareness about the company’s HR solution among target audience

Ineffective marketing strategies

HR Tech Company Promoted Its New Solution Using ABM-Based Content Syndication

Difficulties in attracting and generating high quality leads

A sales team that was performing below its potential

Our Solution

UnboundB2B’s team understood the client requirements and pain points and decided to apply its Content Syndication Programme (ABM Approach) suits best to meet the client’s goals. The team delivered results for the client using the following steps:

  • Creation of Ideal Customer Profile(ICP): Based on client’s campaign specifications, the UnboundB2B marketing team created Ideal Customer Profile (ICPs) of the target audience. The ICPs helped in classifying the audience based on industry, revenue, etc. Based on the ICPs, the team identified around 86k+ contacts which were the right fit for the campaign.
Ideal Customer Profiles

Identified target audience

Predictive Analytics

Helped to understand prospect behavior

Email Marketing

Used to disseminate targeted content

Monthly Analytics of MQLs Generated for HR Tech Company

Content Segmentation: The UnboundB2B team segmented the client’s content based on industry and type of content to create multiple touchpoints.

Email Campaign: The team created an email marketing strategy and launched a personalized email campaign targeting the audience base of 86k+ created through ICP. Emails and newsletters were sent to these contacts using multiple touchpoints based on prospects’ activities. Our team created and tested landing pages to enhance user experience and increase content downloads.

The team also used Tech Research Online, UnboundB2B’s publishing website to drive traffic to the tech audience. The website enabled our marketing team to identify potential prospects who match the client’s ICP and engage with similar content. UnboundB2B’s AI-powered automation tool was used to identify and track each prospect’s behavior. This enabled the team to identify the right prospects and filter uninterested ones.


Marketing Quality Leads


Increase in ROI

UnboundB2B successfully completed a 3-month MQL campaign for HR Tech Company to promote its solution. Our team increased awareness of the company’s new service, enabling it to create brand value and increase conversion. The ABM-based content syndication campaign created new opportunities to increase customer acquisition.

Account reach overview

Market New Products with ABM Content Syndication

UnboundB2B specializes in B2B demand generation for Tech and Enterprise companies. Contact us to find out how our email marketing and content syndication solutions can generate HQLs for your company, shorten your sales cycle and maximize returns for the marketing investment you make.

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