B2B Marketing Expo: The Most Awaited Event of the Year!

The B2B Marketing Expo is a leading marketing event that brings together industry professionals to explore the latest trends and innovations in the marketing world. With over 250 speakers and 300+ exhibitors, the expo offers valuable insights on topics such as SEO, AI, digital marketing strategies, and more. Attendees can network with key decision-makers, participate in free masterclasses, and learn about multichannel marketing techniques. UnboundB2B, a high-tech lead generation company, will be showcasing their services at booth number 1042.


Europe’s leading marketing event is finally here and will take place on 2nd & 3rd October in California. Connecting the most proactive marketing professionals with different strategies, techniques and innovations they should be at the front line of the consistently advancing world of marketing.
The B2B Marketing Expo in Los Angeles, California is where the marketing world will meet to gather knowledge on the best solutions the industry currently has to offer. No other event gives the same level of access to the latest innovation in SEO, AI, VR, Digital Marketing Strategies, Lead Generation Services, Account-based Marketing, Marketing Automation, and many more aspects of this vital industry.

What is B2B Marketing Expo?

B2B Marketing Expo 2019 is Europe’s driving advertising occasion, interfacing the most proactive promoting experts with the instruments, systems, and advancements they should be at the front line of the regularly developing universe of showcasing. The B2B Marketing Expo features over 250 speakers focused on strategies, solutions, and ideas for today’s technology-focused marketing teams. As an esteemed innovator in the advertising business, we are enchanted to bestow our insight to participants during the Expo and anticipate you going along with us.
2019 B2B Marketing EXPO

Why to Attend B2B Marketing Expo?

For those looking to elevate their business, stay ahead of their competition & learn how to maximize their brand exposure from industry leaders, the B2B Marketing Expo is the dominating marketing event on the west coast.
Network with over 10,000 CEOs, CMOs, Marketing Directors & key decision makers over two unmissable days inside the Los Angeles Convention Center on Oct. 2nd & 3rd. See our unbelievable exhibitors, partners, speakers, product launches, board debates, innovation awards and considerably more!
1. 300+ of the most spectacular, industry leading exhibitors showcasing their products.
2. Over 250 incredible speakers reveal the strategies, solutions & ideas that helped them become the leaders they are today.
3. One of the only events with free masterclasses that keep you ahead of the latest digital marketing trends.
4. Powered by partners that keep the industry connected, engaged and updated!
B2B Marketing Expo 2019 is organized by PRYSM Group. The organizer has been organizing leading B2B trade exhibitions for over 18 years, with a strong track record of producing well run, well-attended events. They receive significant investment to constantly evolve and improve Excel, Olympia, etc.
You also have the opportunity to sell your products and services to these highly targeted visitors face to face in the exhibition area.
A few Topics that will be covered in Expo include:
– Market Research.
– Social Media Marketing and Sales, Email Marketing, CRM Marketing, Event Marketing.
– Professional Development, Clever Print.
– Measuring and Analytics, Integrated Strategies, SEO and Website Management.
– PR, Advertising, Lead Generation and much more…

Meet UnboundB2B at Booth No. 1042

Join UnboundB2B at the B2B Marketing Expo LA at our booth number 1042. It isn’t that difficult to find us; we are a High-Tech Lead Generation Company everyone is talking about!
UnboundB2B always welcomes you to the thought of learning about tools and strategies that help the company improve its services towards our customers. That’s why we are always active to join any marketing events like B2B Marketing Expo. In this 2-day event, we are going to cover a lot of aspects of how we can develop and scale pre and post-sales journey which will surely drive better results for our prospects.
You also get to Learn about Unboundb2b’s multichannel marketing techniques that have proven success not only for us but for our existing customers as well.

Agency of The Future

The B2B Marketing Expo provides an unmissable opportunity for all its exhibitors to take their industry knowledge into the future, and gain an upper hand on any competition!
UnboundB2B was nominated as the finalists for the agencies demonstrating a future-proof strategy for their clients; delivering proven creativity and innovation to generate success for their clients.
UnboundB2B Marketing EXPO
This award recognizes the fundamental role that agencies play in the way digital technology is changing the marketing landscape. The awards are open to agencies delivering services in B2B or B2C sectors – from full service and direct, digital and internet agencies to marketing, media and PR agencies.

Our Speaker

UnboundB2B is proud to present an exciting speaker during the Expo, with unique, valuable perspectives on marketing. Nishant Agarwal, comes from 15 years of experience in tech, sales, and Marketing. He has also founded an AI company- Eduba Software, that is developing a next generation of enterprise apps.
Nishant has always been a believer in Key innovation and delivering the best customer experience.

Panel Session

AI evolution and its impact on the future of marketing
Nishant Agarwal will be speaking in-
Theater 2 – Thursday, October 3, 12:30 PM
The seminar focuses mainly on how AI has been a constant game changer in the field of sales and marketing.
How Mid-range and large enterprises have leveraged the Power AI in reaching out millions of prospects out there.
The seminar will also be about how UnboundB2B has smartly integrated AI in its entire marketing and sales operation that has helped it scale enormous advantage over the period of two years.

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