40 Best Helpful B2B Marketing Stats For You In 2022

B2B marketing is constantly evolving, and staying informed about industry statistics is crucial for businesses to adapt and succeed. Key takeaways include the decline of cold calling, the growing influence of millennials in B2B buying decisions, the importance of educational content and thought leadership, the potential of SaaS marketing, the effectiveness of email marketing and video marketing, the role of social media in influencing purchasing decisions, and the dominance of digital marketing channels. By leveraging these insights, businesses can navigate the changing landscape and drive growth.


B2B Marketing Stats will help you definitely because a lot of things are changing in the B2B Marketing world as we speak. We have Web3 building momentum and starting the transition.
We had Russia invade Ukraine and the crisis in Europe disrupted businesses. Then came more sanctions and chaos in the UN. Businesses still found a way to grow.
Then Inflation kicked in and the stock markets were down. The interest rates are up and we might face a recession. Maybe business can continue to grow.
The list of it is that a lot of things are happening in and around the world that affects businesses. But businesses find ways to overcome these challenges.
The best way to grow even stronger during turbulent times is to be aware of what is going on in the business world. Knowing the direction where businesses are headed can be extremely beneficial for B2B businesses.
How do you do that? By looking at the latest industry stats.
We’ve rounded them up for you so let’s get started!

General B2B Marketing Stats

  • With only 1 out of 50 cold calls yielding results, cold calling might no longer be a viable option for B2B businesses. (Thrive My Way)
  • More than 50% of all B2B buyers are now Millennials. This means the ways of B2B marketing must adjust to this change. (Thrive My Way)
  • Almost 90% of the Fortune 500 Companies have an account on YouTube and use it for announcements and outreach. (SERP Watch)
  • The B2B eCommerce market size can grow to a value of $25.6 trillion by 2028. At present, it sits at around $1.5 trillion. Here’s a big opportunity. (SERP Watch)
  • Referrals and Email marketing constitute around 80% of all the B2B lead sources. Keeping your customers happy really grows your business! ( Sage Frog)
Takeaway – While some legacy approaches to marketing are still effective, some are losing their effectiveness quickly.
A new generation is making big decisions now. Tweaking marketing to suit their liking is the need of the hour.
Managing customer experiences and ensuring they’re happy goes a long way in growing your business over the long run.

B2B Content Marketing StatsB2B Content Marketing Stats

  • Content that helps a potential customer learn about the product is appreciated by 80% of the B2B consumers. Almost 60% of those end up wanting to know more about the product. (WebFX)
  • An ABM-led Content Syndication Campaign can generate revenue growth of up to 200% and with an ROI of more than 300%. (UnboundB2B)
  • By adopting the ABM approach for Content Syndication, you can generate more than 500 MQLs per month. (Unbound B2B)
  • Decision-makers value thought leadership. Almost 54% of decision-makers spend more than an hour every week reading about thought leadership. (LinkedIn)
  • The thought leadership expectations are rising. Nearly 30% of the decision-makers rate the thought leadership of vendors as mediocre or poor. (LinkedIn)
Takeaway – Content Marketing has been important since the beginning and now it is gaining in terms of prominence and utility.
A new generation is making big decisions now. Tweaking marketing to suit their liking is the need of the hour.
Moreover, content needs to be used tactically to showcase expertise and thought leadership. These factors affect the purchase decisions significantly.

B2B SaaS Marketing Stats

B2B SaaS Marketing Stats
  • SaaS marketing spend is slated to increase by up to 250%. The SaaS sector is hoping to carry on the strong growth throughout this decade. (Snow)
  • SaaS firms can boost their conversion rate by up to 200% and increase their ROI by up to 230% by adopting the BANT framework for lead generation. (Unbound B2B)
  • High-quality content and well-executed content marketing strategies can generate an ROI of more than 440% for SaaS brands. (Zenpost)
  • Highly personalized ABM programs yield up to 120% more HQLs and boost the conversion by up to 200% for SaaS. (Unbound B2B)
  • Almost 54% of SaaS companies do not offer a free trial. With strategies such as Product-led Growth gaining momentum this can change. (Zippia)
Takeaway – SaaS model is very profitable and it shows from their investment in marketing. This sector has tremendous growth opportunities with steady revenues.
Personalization, ABM, and BANT framework can boost your returns considerably. A tactical and targeted approach is well suited for SaaS.
Product-led Growth has come out as a solid approach for growth. Considering its upsides, more B2B SaaS firms should adopt the approach.

B2B Email Marketing Stats

B2B Email Marketing Stats
  • With 19%, Fridays see the highest open rates in the B2B Industry. By contrast, Saturdays see the lowest open rate, i.e. 17%. (Campaign Monitor)
  • Email Marketing still provides the highest ROI compared to other marketing methods. Every $1 spent returns $43 in revenue. (User Guiding)
  • SaaS firms can create strong brand awareness and generate more than 4000 high-quality MQLs using content syndication-led email marketing. (Unbound B2B)
  • More than 60% of the B2B marketers have been making use of Artificial Intelligence to optimize email send times. (Statista)
  • Nearly 90% of the B2B firms still use the Company name as the sender name while sending marketing emails. Adding a personal touch is necessary! (Backlinko)
Takeaway – Despite being one of the oldest digital marketing types, email marketing is still thriving in the 2020s.
Every B2B marketer utilizes email marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy. Data analysis and informed decisions have further improved its effectiveness.
AI and ML are further aiding email marketing with real-time optimizations. It’s clear that email marketing is here to stay for the long term and will keep improving.

B2B Lead Generation Stats

B2B Lead Generation Stats
Source – Thrivemyway
  • More than 90% of B2B marketers utilize LinkedIn for lead generation. This makes LinkedIn the top social media platform for B2B businesses. (Content Marketing Institute)
  • Almost 50% of the B2B marketers believe email marketing is still the best way to generate leads. SEO comes in a close second. (Cience)
  • B2B firms using high-intent content for lead generation grow their sales pipeline by up to 140% and more when compared to B2B firms that follow the generic approach. (UnboundB2B)
  • The primary purpose of content marketing for B2B firms is lead generation. With 80% of B2B marketers reporting so, content marketing has become essential. (G2)
  • Only 56% of the B2B businesses qualify leads properly before passing them to the Sales Team. (HubSpot)
Content marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing still remain the top choices of B2B marketers for lead generation.
However, social media platforms such as LinkedIn are slowly gaining prominence for lead generation. Even Pinterest and Instagram are considered for B2B lead generation.
Lead generation is an important function and considering the stats, B2B businesses are not giving it the importance it needs. This should change for the better.

B2B Video Marketing Stats

B2B Video Marketing Stats
Source – Thrivemyway
  • B2B marketers are confident about the effectiveness of Video Marketing. With more than 85% of B2B marketers already using or planning to use video marketing. (Hubspot)
  • Consumers prefer videos too. Almost 94% of consumers watch videos to understand how a product or service works. (HubSpot)
  • One Minute is the ideal length for a marketing video. The majority of the people will watch the video until the end if it is below one minute. (Cience)
  • 98% of the B2B Marketers have stated that video content converts as well as other forms of content, if not better. (Vidyard)
  • 84% of the consumers reported that they were driven by watching a video to make a purchase. (Yans Media)
Video marketing and videos as a form of content are gaining prominence now. Videos are very effective at information dissemination.
This makes them ideal for explaining products and how technologies work. The rise in consumption of videos is also a factor resulting in the adoption of video marketing.
Video marketing for B2B is still not as mature as it is for B2C but looking at the uptake in adoption, that point in time is not far away.

B2B Social Media Marketing Stats

Social Media Marketing Stats
  • Social Media Marketing is also useful for B2B marketing. 84% of the C-level and VP-level executives are influenced by social media while purchasing. (Articulate)
  • 55% of the B2B buyers research a brand and its products on social media before finalizing a purchase decision. (Vivid Fish)
  • Social Media can bring in untapped leads. With 66% of B2B marketers reporting that social media channels bring in unique leads. (HubSpot)
  • Almost 75% of the B2B Tech companies use Social Media Marketing. They use social media marketing for lead generation, building brand awareness, etc. (Marketing Profs)
  • Instagram is emerging as a solid option for B2B marketing. Nearly 60% of B2B marketers plan to double their marketing budget for Instagram. (HootSuite)
Social media marketing panel is effective even for B2B businesses. You can positively influence the consideration phase of a customer’s journey with your presence on social media.
While LinkedIn and Facebook have been the primary choices for B2B businesses, even platforms like Instagram and TikTok have emerged as viable candidates.

Other Important B2B Marketing Stats and Trends

  • Rational and logical marketing messaging no longer works. Emotional ad campaigns deliver 7X more business growth in comparison. (LinkedIn)
  • Digital Marketing channels account for the majority, i.e. 72% of a B2B business’s marketing budget. (Gartner)
  • Digital Marketing Channels accounted for sales worth $442 Billion. That’s almost 62% of all the B2B sales.(LinkedIn)
  • Almost 70% of B2B consumers report that vendor websites are the primary source of the vendor’s content. Thus vendors need to pay more attention to their websites. (Thrive My Way)
B2B marketing is experiencing some major fundamental changes. This can be attributed to Millennials making up the majority of the top decision-makers now.
Digital marketing is taking over the marketing space with traditional marketing giving way. Technologies such as Web3 might catalyze this transition.

Ending With

B2B marketing is changing and the only way to stay ahead with the changes is to know what is changing.
Knowing the direction in which the industry is headed allows you to leapfrog the competition. You can be early adopters of new technologies and improved approaches.
Statistics are the best way to gauge the direction of any industry. Not only do statistics point in a particular direction but show the intensity of change as well.
This allows you to gauge the direction and intensity of change for every functional aspect of your industry.
So what statistic surprised you the most?
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