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15 Best Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Tools for 2024

When it comes to generating and converting leads, account-based marketing is highly effective. This strategy involves focusing marketing efforts on individual accounts, targeting them with relevant and highly personalized messages to boost conversion. ABM platforms help marketers do this efficiently and with precision. From identifying high-quality leads and understanding their pain points to knowing when and how to send them ads, these tools can automate the entire ABM process. Read on to discover the top 15 ABM tools for 2024.
In recent years, Account-based marketing (ABM) has become popular among B2B marketers due to its efficiency and ability to drive sales. Statistics show that 86% of marketers hold that this marketing strategy is highly effective in helping their companies realize their revenue goals.
In 2024, ABM is set to be the go-to marketing strategy as companies seek to comply with data privacy regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US.
With the expected rise in ABM demand, B2B marketers should have the right tools they need to implement their strategies well. In this article, we highlight 53 key features to look for in an ABM tool. We will also present 15 best ABM tools you can use to execute your marketing strategy more efficiently and with precision in 2024.

But first, Why Does Your Company Need An ABM Tool?

ABM marketing tools help marketers to focus marketing efforts on accounts that are likely to buy. Businesses use them to customize marketing strategies to maximize results. Your marketing team can use ABM software to:
  • Identify high-potential accounts
  • Understand the needs and pain points of target accounts
  • Apply data-driven decision-making in marketing
  • Craft marketing campaigns that resonate with target accounts
  • Deliver marketing messages to the right individuals at the right time
  • Generate analytic reports to determine campaign performance
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    Selecting ABM Tools: 5 Key Features to Look For

    ABM applications determine how well your team executes marketing campaigns. When shopping for an ABM tool, there are 5 important features you must consider to determine whether it’s a good fit for your company. These are:

    1. Personalization

    The main reason ABM works effectively is the personalization of marketing messages. ABM tools should have solid personalization capabilities so you can customize landing pages, emails, content, and ads in line with your target accounts’ needs and preferences.

    2. Audience Targeting

    ABM involves targeting specific accounts with marketing messages to win them over as clients. Opt for a tool that enables you to target accounts with precision. Check for abilities like firmographic targeting or one that supports the importation of segmented prospect lists.

    3. Ease-of-Use and Customer Support

    ABM platforms should be intuitive and easy to use. Check how the vendor offers customer support. Do they have training materials, documentation, or customer support contacts? You need to know how to get help when you need it.

    4. Report Generation

    Go for tools that generate robust analytics and reports to track crucial marketing metrics like account engagement and revenue.

    5. Integration

    Opt for ABM tools that integrate well with the tech stack in your company. Seamless integration allows you to leverage ABM statistics and insights in your marketing campaigns.

    15 Best Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Tools for 2024

    Here are the 15 top account- based marketing tools to consider in 2024:

    1. Demandbase

    Demandbase allows marketers to target accounts with marketing activities that engage them throughout the buyers’ journey. It comes with a user-friendly interface and solutions that boost conversions. In 2024, you can use this ABM tool for:
    • Account targeting
    • Go-to-Market campaigns
    • Creation of customized ad campaigns
    • Personalization of marketing campaigns
    • Account-based advertising campaigns
    • ABM reports and analytics
    • Integration with a wide range of tech platforms

    2. LeanData

    If you’re looking to elevate your company’s ABM strategy in 2024, LeanData is among the best ABM tools you’ll need. This tool is designed to help companies understand potential buyers better and deliver messages that resonate with them.
    B2B marketers can use its advanced workflows, lead scoring, and segmentation abilities to improve ABM campaigns. You can use LeanData to identify high-potential leads and engage them through personalized campaigns across different channels. The ABM tool offers campaign analytics to support data-driven decisions and improve the effectiveness of ABM campaigns.

    3. 6sense

    As an ABM tool, 6sense leverages data-driven insights and integration to support B2B marketing efforts. It helps marketers to predict what and when their target accounts buy. Marketers can also use prospect data to determine where individual accounts are in their purchase journey.
    6Sense also provides users with insights into the pain points of target accounts. These insights are useful in engaging accounts based on their unique interests for impactful marketing. Aligning sales and marketing strategies also becomes easier with 6sense.

    4. HubSpot

    HubSpot is among the few ABM tools that provide an all-in-one platform where B2B marketers can find a range of features to support their marketing campaigns. In 2024, you can use HubSpot to generate leads, execute email marketing campaigns, and manage social media campaigns. Hubspot also integrates well with a range of sales and marketing tools.

    5. Terminus

    Another tool that can help you achieve your ABM marketing goals in 2024 is Terminus. This platform makes it easy for B2B marketers to identify high-quality accounts, build account lists, and collect the data they need to personalize marketing campaigns.
    You can use it to build brand awareness and target ideal customers with omnichannel experiences. Other important functionalities in Terminus that you can leverage include:
    • Automating marketing activities
    • Managing email or retargeting campaigns
    • Generating campaign performance metrics


    If you’re looking for ABM tools that leverage artificial intelligence (AI), is worth considering. This tool uses AI to support B2B marketers in executing account-specific marketing campaigns at scale, across multiple touchpoints. This account-based marketing platform comes with performance-tracking features that your team will need to track audience engagement, conversions, and return on investment in 2024.

    7. DataFox

    Datafox is another ABM platform that uses machine learning to give marketers valuable insights about the accounts they target. This tool uses sales intelligence to analyze the news, performance, and leadership changes in prospect accounts for relevant messaging. B2B marketers can use DataFox to sort and filter data so they can focus on the most promising leads.

    8. Clearbit

    Clearbit is among the ABM tools that empower B2B marketers to execute precise targeting, workflows, and analytics in their go-to-market teams. With this tool, you can leverage artificial intelligence to:
    • Streamline audience data collection
    • Understand your target audience
    • Prioritize high-quality leads
    • Align sales and marketing activities

    9. Triblio

    Triblio specializes in growing account pipelines by helping marketers identify and target high-potential accounts. You can utilize features like data analytics, ads, and sales tools to execute effective marketing campaigns that attract the right accounts in 2024.

    10. Adobe Campaign

    Adobe Campaign provides B2B marketers with an automation platform to personalize their interactions with target accounts. The tool is designed to streamline marketing efforts for better audience experience, leading to higher conversions and brand loyalty. Adobe Campaign comes with unique features like:
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Marketing
    Your team can utilize these features to engage accounts through their preferred channels. Adobe Campaign also generates detailed analytics and integrates well with different sales and marketing tools.

    11. ON24

    ON24 is among the few ABM tools that allow B2B marketers to host online events like webinars to identify potential buyers, engage target accounts, and increase conversions. The platform offers a range of features that marketers can use to:
    • Create interactive and engaging events
    • Gather insights about audience behavior
    • Monitor marketing campaign performance

    12. RollWorks

    RollWorks is another ABM platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to support account-based advertising. It comes with a user-friendly platform and leverages data to provide account-level intelligence to help B2B marketers in driving engagement. You can use this tool to improve ABM engagement and account grading in 2024 by:
    • Automating sales functions
    • Executing ad campaigns
    • Building customer profiles

    13. Vainu

    Vainu is an ABM platform that uses real-time account data to drive revenue for B2B companies. It empowers marketers to find ideal accounts and personalize interactions with high-quality prospects. You can use this tool to:
    • Build account lists
    • Know when to engage target accounts
    • Develop captivating messages
    • Analyze ROI

    14. Uberflip

    Uberflip is one of the ABM tools that allow marketers to create personalized messages for digital channels. In 2024, you can use it to improve account engagements and drive results. Uberflip comes with website analytic features that provide valuable insights about audience behavior. These insights allow companies to optimize marketing content and boost campaign performance.

    15. Madison Logic

    Madison logic
    Madison Logic is a data and account intelligence platform that helps B2B marketers identify and prioritize potential buyers who are already searching for the solutions they offer. You can use this tool to place your ads in front of the right audience. You could also use it to engage high-quality accounts with syndicated content on multiple channels to boost conversions.

    Grow Your Business with ABM Tools

    There are numerous ABM applications in the market that help companies realize their marketing goals. Companies of all sizes or in any industry can tap ABM tools to drive sales in 2024. You can improve your engagement with target accounts and unlock revenue growth by investing in the right ABM tool To ensure that you find a tool that suits your needs, consider the features, customer support, integration capabilities, and ease of use.
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