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Power of Personalization Strategy: How ABM Can Transform Your Strategy

Account-based marketing is one of the most effective ways to get more business in less time. This is only possible due to its personalization feature. So many marketers are adapting personalization strategy. Why you ask? Connecting with your audience is difficult and providing the right information, even tougher. So learn the tactics to improve lead generation and conversions with ABM.
Connecting with your target audience is almost an impossible task without a personalization strategy. Building a relationship with your prospects is a crucial aspect, but marketers are finding it difficult to perform. The solution is simple, using the right strategies and data can bring the change an enterprise needs.
A survey found that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences. So it is time to make ABM a primary strategy to build a network and sales. Account-based marketing has the capability to personalize sales and marketing campaigns for every account and the right ABM tools can act as a catalyst. ABM also produces results that are far better than traditional forms of marketing in lesser time and costs.
So let’s understand the benefits of ABM and the personalization strategy or tactic an enterprise can employ in its marketing process.

Advantages of ABM Personalization Strategy

An ABM strategy targets a small list of accounts and focuses on converting them into clients, instead of targeting numerous people and getting few conversions. This is beneficial as it,
Advantages of ABM Personalization Strategy

Upgraded Customer Experience

Personalization strategy in ABM is a great way to connect with your prospects and build a relationship with them. Personalized experience makes your audience feel like you are putting effort into providing them the services they need and you understand their pain points and challenges.
This will also make them avoid other vendors thus cutting competition for you and focusing on getting your product or service. Once they become your customer they also become your brand advocates and you get more businesses in a limited time.

Greater Efficiency and ROI

A great benefit of ABM is that it allows sales and marketing teams to only engage with a list of target accounts rather than putting their energy and efforts into people who are not an ideal fit for their solution.
No wonder most marketers say that ABM generates the most revenue of all marketing strategies. It also makes you spend wisely on only the prospects that are more likely to identify your value and convert. So you save time, boost efficiency, and grow your business.

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Improved Utilization of Resources

It is commonly seen that for marketing campaigns the budgets are always limited and more finances are kept for traditional lead generation and nurturing. Due to limited resources and more targets to cover, marketers create campaigns in a one-size-fits-all manner and don’t see the required results.
This creates a gap between you and the quality and only brings in lower-quality leads which distracts the sales team. With ABM, this is not a problem. Most ABM campaigns only target a few accounts and convert them successfully. In turn, saving resources and utilizing them where they are needed the most.

Shorter Customer Lifecycles

ABM campaigns reach high-potential accounts and they come with a decision when speaking with a sales representative. The key? The right information at right time that will reach the right audience. Also, most decisions are not made by a sole person, and ABM approach targets all the contacts relevant to decision-making.
When multiple contacts are communicated simultaneously, they discuss more about the company’s needs and challenges which helps them make a decision faster. This makes the customer lifecycles short and sales team gets sales-ready leads, making the sales cycles shorter too.

5 Leading ABM Personalization Strategy or Tactics

Personalization makes ABM an effective and resourceful strategy. So here are a few personalization strategy you can apply to bring outstanding results,

1. Account-Based Landing Page

Having an optimized website is key to engage the C-suite and targeting them. The reason for this is most users consider websites as a primary source of information about a particular product or service they want to learn about. So personalized website experience is what will help you stand out and engage with them.
Website Personalization Strategy
Moreover, content should be thoughtful and specific for a better user experience. When one of your prospect accounts visits your resources section on the website, he should be presented with personalized content relevant to their needs or interests. This will ensure that your prospect has the information or content rather than wasting time on data he doesn’t require.

2. LinkedIn Voice Message

The target audience in account-based marketing is CMOs, VPs, or directors and they receive a huge number of messages on LinkedIn every day from different organizations globally. They don’t open your messages even if they require the services you are providing. You will need a solution to get their attention. LinkedIn voice messages can come to your rescue as they are only available on mobile phones and not a lot of marketers are using them currently.
While sending voice messages keep a few things in check like you should mention your name, designation or job title, the company you work in, and the personal message you wish them to know. This shows that you have put efforts into curating a message, especially for them, and the time you spent in creating a voice message.

3. Videos With Personalization

It is common knowledge now that users would rather watch a video than read a piece of content. So there is a higher ABM conversion rate on videos than on content pieces. Every day people watch more than a billion hours on YouTube so B2B marketing will work well with personalized videos.
As a personalization strategy, you can use video templates as an easy way of communication. These templates are editable so you can make specific videos for specific targets. Another thing you can do is write a message for a hyper-targeted set of accounts that carry similar problems and change the background with video editing software.

4. Account-Based Advertising

Ads are the most commonly used aspect of marketing but very few use personalized ads to generate high-quality leads. ABM only works efficiently when highly personalized content is delivered to your prospect accounts. So the target here is to create and deliver specific ads across multiple channels and make your prospects remember your products or services.
So omnichannel marketing with personalized content and ads is an ideal solution. It is a client-centric approach to creating and delivering consistent and conceptual messaging. This is done across all the platforms through which customers interact with your brand.

5. Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the traditional marketing strategies that works best when communicating with the account. You can listen to their challenges and provide apt solutions for them via account email outreach messaging. Marketers often utilize direct mail when the prospect from the target account shows a high intent to purchase your product or services.
Instead of including your target accounts in an email sequence, it is always better to take time and convey a well-defined personal message. In these messages, you can send an event invitation, details of exclusive offers, and content pieces like whitepapers, case studies, and eBooks.

Wrapping Everything Up

ABM personalization strategy is an effective way of marketing. It indeed takes time to learn the fine print and implement it but you get definite results with it. In a world where competition is huge and one mistake can cost you a client, account-based marketing and personalization strategy can uplift your campaigns and boost your B2B sales in a shorter sales cycle. So implement these abm tactics and see the positive changes it brings for your enterprise.
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