10 Essential Buyer Intent Data Tools to Boost Your Sales in 2024

B2B companies must generate leads that are ready to buy their products in order to meet their sales revenue targets. Buyer intent data tools make this easier. They enable marketing teams to identify prospects that are actively searching for their solutions so that they can target them at the right time. We show you the top 10 intent data tools your team should consider using in 2024.
Statistics show that the majority of new leads – 80% to be precise, do not convert into paying customers. The reason behind these staggering stats is targeting the wrong leads. With the dynamic buyer behavior, generic customer data is not sufficient to achieve conversion. B2B marketers must utilize buyer intent data tools to find prospects who are interested and ready to buy their products or services.
But with so many intent data tools available in the market today, how do you find one that suits your needs? In this article, we spotlight 10 leading B2B buyer intent data tools you can count on to boost sales revenue in 2024.

What is Buyer Intent Data and Why is it Trending?

Intent data can be defined as any information that gives you the indication that a potential buyer, who is already active in the purchase cycle, is likely to make a purchase. Intent data enhances B2B lead generation efforts by providing insights into when prospects are actively researching a solution online and the solutions they’re interested in depending on the content they consume.
With intent data, you can determine a prospect’s preferences, interests, and readiness to make the buying decision. Important buying signals that B2B marketers must pay attention to include:
  • Consistency of website visits
  • Social media ad clicks
  • Website visits by multiple individuals from the same company
  • Time spent on the website
  • Subscriptions to email newsletters
  • Content asset downloads among others
B2B companies can use intent data to inform their go-to-market strategy when launching new products or during new market entries. Other reasons why buyer intent data matters to B2B marketers are:
A infographic representation of Why Does Buyer Intent Data Matters to B2B Marketers?
  1. Higher Marketing Precision: Narrows marketing focus to prospects whothat are genuinely interested in your offerings.
  2. Optimizing Sales Approach: Customizes sales strategies to reach leads that are most likely to convert.
  3. Better Customer Experience: Personalizes interactions with prospects based on their interests, preferences, and needs.
  4. Competitive Edge: Prompt identification and satisfaction of customer needs.
  5. Increased Conversions: Boosts conversions by engaging prospects with relevant content at the right time.
  6. Cost-Effectiveness: Utilizes available resources to target prospects that are likely to buy, which increases returns from marketing spend.

What are Buyer Intent Data Tools?

These are specialized platforms or softwares that collect and analyze user behavior online to provide important insights about the intentions and interests of potential buyers. Intent data tools collect buyer data from different sources including social media interactions, websites, ad clicks, content consumption, email interactions, and search queries. Using advanced algorithms, these tools enable B2B marketers to find and prioritize leads depending on their chances of buying.

Top 10 B2B Buyer Intent Data Tools to Help You Grow Sales

Cost effectiveness, data accuracy, integration capabilities, and ease-of-use are among important factors you need to prioritize when picking an intent data tool for your business. Below are the top 10 buyer intent data tools that meet this criteria in 2024:

1. Bombora – Provides Large Volume of Consent-based Intent Data

This tool features over 12,000 intent topics. Bombora tracks the digital journey of prospects across a wide network of B2B websites, allowing users to capture a large volume of consent-based high-quality, third-party intent data.
With this data, sales and marketing teams can focus their resources on prospects who are likely to buy their products or services. Bombora considers content consumption and historical baseline when calculating intent. The tool is simple and easy to use. It generates review reports and integrates well with CRM systems.

2. Demandbase – Provides Accurate Prospect Identification

Demandbase is highly effective at identifying and reaching potential buyers who are close to making buying decisions. This tool features a comprehensive product stack that includes account intelligence, sales intelligence cloud, and advertising cloud. Demandbase comes with a user-friendly interface, budgeting, and ad-targeting capabilities. It features AI-driven account identification capabilities, real-time intent, and account-based advertising. B2B marketers can use it to identify prospects who like and show interest in their products.

3. Lead Onion – Engages Interested Leads

Lead Onion is another tool that offers accurate B2B intent data to enable businesses to find high-quality prospects. This tool comes with built-in communication features that allow marketers to reach out to the most interested leads. Lead Onion also provides advanced audience segmentation tools, buyer persona-matching contact lists, and unlimited contact storage. It serves as a data solution, lead intelligence, and sales enablement platform.

4. Cognism – Provides Decision-Maker Contacts for Targeted Prospecting

This buyer intent tool provides users with the GDPR and CCPA-compliant intent data they need to find prospects that match their ideal customer profiles. Cognism integrates well with other widely used tools like Zapier, Hubspot, and Pipedrive. This sales intelligence platform provides marketers with accurate decision-maker contact details in key accounts for targeted prospecting.
Targeting decision-makers in key accounts is the most effective way of building successful sales pipelines. UnboundB2B specializes in helping companies leverage the ABM approach to expand their customer base and grow sales revenue.
Read the case study below to discover how UnboundB2B’s ABM solution helped a SaaS company increase its deal closure by 119%.

5. DemandScience – Allows Users to Enrich Data Sets

DemandScience serves as a lead generation and intent data platform. This GDPR-compliant tool features 70+ million vetted contacts, allowing users to find leads that are a good fit for their products. It also gives users access to comprehensive analytics and allows them to enrich their data sets.

6. G2 Intent – Alerts Users of Buyers Who Plan to Switch to Competitors

G2 is the other B2B buyer intent data tool that offers users invaluable intent signals. The tool tracks and segments website visitor intent data. It comes with over 20 intent integrations and can alert users when existing buyers are considering shifting to competitors. With these insights, marketers can craft custom pitches and solutions to potential objections.

7. 6Sense – Captures Buyer Signals With AI

This tool eliminates friction, guesswork, and wasted effort from the lead generation process by leveraging artificial intelligence. 6Sense uses AI to capture buying signals anonymously, enabling B2B marketers to target the right accounts at the right time. 6Sense also recommends the messages and channels that companies can use to maximize conversions.

8. KickFire – Reveals Website Visitor Identity

Another tool that provides first-party intent data to B2B companies is KickFire. This tool uses IP addresses to reveal the identities of website visitors. It features a database of B2B contacts that marketers can use to accelerate outreaching and track web visitors. You can use KickFire to identify decision-makers in your target accounts and obtain their contact details.

9. Lead Forensics – Provides Real-Time Prospect Identification

This tool uses first-party data to fuel B2B marketing campaigns with high-intent, ready-to-consult leads. With Lead Forensics, your marketing team can identify prospects in real time, analyze leads, and gather accurate insights on their purchase behavior online.

10. Cyance – Targets the European Market

Cyance is among the leading B2B buyer intent data tools designed for the European market. It allows users to track European buyer intent. If your company is seeking to find prospects and accelerate business growth in Europe, this is the ideal tool.

Find and Target Quality Leads with UnboundB2B’s Intent-Based Marketing Solutions

We use intent data to help B2B companies gather intent signals, identify sales-ready leads, predict prospect purchase behavior, and target leads with the right message at the right time . Our team uses 4 simple steps to find and engage potential leads:
  • Build a Prospect List: We’ll prepare a list of qualified leads with complete prospect details.
  • Identify Relevant Topics: We’ll identify the keywords, topics, and content that prospects use and consume.
  • Analyze Intent Signals: We’ll deploy advanced technology to gather and analyze intent signals from prospects.
  • Drive Conversion: We’ll target prospects with display ads and content marketing to convert them into sales qualified leads or paying clients.


In a business environment where customer behavior is dynamic and conventional marketing approaches are becoming less effective, generating quality leads that your sales teams can convert fast and with ease can feel like an uphill task. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With the right buyer intent data tool, you can identify prospects that are ready to buy your products or service. Targeting such prospects can increase your company’s sales efficiency and fuel its growth significantly.
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