Content Syndication: Extend Your Marketing Programs to a New Audience

Content syndication is one of the best B2B strategies in 2023. You can grow your audience reach and get in front of ideal customers. Some other benefits include better brand awareness, lead generation opportunities, building a good reputation in the industry and more. To help you get these benefits you can inculcate strategies like email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, etc.


Consumers in today’s world are overwhelmed with a multitude of options when it comes to buying new products. They have an extremely short attention span and expect companies to intrinsically tap into what they are looking for. This means that you have a very limited window to reach out to potential customers in a way that results in increased engagement and consumer satisfaction.
No matter which channels a customer tunes into, the messaging should be high quality and consistent with the overall brand. Otherwise, there’s a chance you may confuse an interested shopper and leave them unhappy with your product offering. With this in mind, a solid product content syndication strategy can elevate your product from good to great, as consumers process similar stories across every possible channel.

Major Benefits of Implementing Content Syndication

Connecting With a Brand New Audience

Seamless content syndication means you can increase your target audience manifold, without as much work at your end. It allows you to network with prospective clients who have probably never heard of your product or service earlier. Building reliable relationships with the clientele can give your brand greater exposure in an organic manner, and promote its unique aspects.

Tracking and Reaching Out to Leads

Content syndication can help you to locate and gradually influence prospects that may find your product relevant and exciting. Alternatively, it’s also a way to have specific prospects find out who you are and why the product or service you sell makes perfect sense for them. It’s essential that you have operational processes in place to learn more about your leads created via syndication and convert them.

Content That is Instantly Shareable

Content syndication cuts down the time you would require to share information across diverse platforms. LinkedIn’s guidelines, for instance, gives you the option to distribute and annotate a variety of shared content. You can reach out to a bigger audience with minimal effort. Time is precious in this world of constant information exchange, and product content syndication means that you might have access to an audience who will double the views on your YouTube channel overnight.

Content Syndication Builds a Reputation

Content syndication has the potential to considerably raise the profile of your brand, from an average start-up to a highly-respected retailer. To keep building your presence in a highly competitive market, use helpful elements like a great call-to-action, profiles or authors, guidance on how to use the product or service well, and social media channels that could increase the exposure of the entire company.

Enhanced Brand Awareness Benefits

A content syndication strategy means that you will eventually get to interact closely with the best publishers and further develop your network. Sharing and promoting previously published content on respectable websites will lead to a boost in the brand name, as well as that of the company.

Don’t Jump to Sell

Syndicating content plays an important part as a sub-set of an effective content strategy. While it’s not easy, don’t always focus on making the sale. Instead, take full advantage of the process and share the specific expertise you are bringing to the table.

The Road to Successful Product Content Syndication

Product content syndication requires reliable data, effective planning, and evolution based on market needs. To ensure your success through this step-by-step development, keep in mind a few points that will accelerate progress towards meeting your revenue goals.

Make your pitch flawless

To scale your audience base, having a well-framed and convincing sales pitch for reputable publications can instantly promote interest to learn more about your product or service. Understanding what will sell in the market, and whether they are receptive to viewing syndicated content should be assessed before implementing any long-term strategy.
For a head-start in this regard, examine the website guidelines and craft a pitch that is customized to that particular site. Once that’s established, you can create a tailored pitch to present attractive deals and highlight the benefits involved for prospects. Every publication may have a different process in place, and could require you to share a submission via CMS or through an email.

Remember to include a link.

While the focus for syndication isn’t building links, they are essential to see clear results. TO prevent scenarios where other websites are getting credit for your work, you can choose to include a canonical link element “rel=canonical tag”, that links back to the original source of the quoted content. This will allow search engines to attribute any SEO credit to the original version. It is important to note that every CMS may not have a provision for canonical links, but Google allows a visitor to click “originally published on…” at the bottom of the piece.
Lead generation priorities

Top Strategies for Optimizing B2B Lead Generation

1. Email Marketing Applications

 Email marketing is one of the more successful mediums for B2B lead generation, no matter what the type of product you are selling. Reports show that 87% of B2B marketers’ take the help of email marketing to develop new leads but interestingly, only 31% believe that it is the most influential in terms of revenue. With marketing automation, many companies have seen a sharp rise in their profits, with one company’s revenue increasing to $2 million in around 3 years. Email marketing is now being supplemented by data-driven strategies to pinpoint potential users accurately and reach out to them via their inboxes.

2. Diversifying Content Marketing Approaches

According to a Social Media Marketing Industry Report, an estimated 60% of marketers are finding innovative ways to present visual content like memes, photos, infographics, etc. in their marketing, while highlighting authentic information about the brand. B2B companies must keep tracking new trends to generate leads, and widen the tactics utilized for audience engagement. The key is to stick out from the rest, and not do what everyone else is doing.

3. Social Media Strategy

Let’s be honest, there are many who are divided about the value that social media brings to create a robust B2B lead generation strategy. While it’s a top scorer in certain studies, others disavow it stating that its effectiveness is overhyped. For instance, see the graphic below.
Social media platforms for B2B Leads
Source: Crazy Egg
Out of all the digital platforms in the market today, it’s unanimous that LinkedIn is particularly useful when it comes to generating B2B leads from social media.  A new survey released by Blanc & Otus finds that advice and recommendations from trusted peer networks are a great motivator for sales in the case of B2B tech companies.
Also, social media is unavoidable when it comes to spreading the word among the masses. Think about it – if no one is following your handles, how will they find out about the new product release or featured blog on the company website?

4. Multichannel Marketing at Its Core

Multichannel marketing

Source: Salesforce

At its core, what is lead generation but an informed means of developing and executing a range of techniques that work best with the concerned channel. For positive results, it is necessary to break convention and brainstorm innovative approaches that will enhance performance and lead to improved budget utilization.

Final Thoughts

For companies that are keen on extending their marketing programs, syndicating content is an often untapped means to promote information on digital mediums and engage completely new audiences. Content promotion on websites can be efficiently implemented by accurately tagging content that will direct search engines to original versions, minimizing any SEO-related challenges.

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