Get The Most From Your Customer Acquisition Marketing

Customer acquisition is the primary marketing goal, but traditional strategies are no longer effective in the digital age. Consumers don't trust ads, conduct online research, and seek personalized experiences. To maximize results, businesses should collect intent data, define their target audience, choose the right marketing channels, engage through content and video marketing, and optimize landing pages. These strategies help acquire customers on a small budget and adapt to changing consumer behaviour.


Customer acquisition is the end marketing goal. All the marketing efforts are focused on acquiring new customers and boosting sales.
Therefore, most industries spend a big portion of their marketing budget on customer acquisition marketing. Here look at customer acquisition costs for top industries:

Source: Razorpay

This image clearly states that businesses are spending more on inorganic custom acquisition methods like ads than organic methods.
But unfortunately, after spending millions on customer acquisition, companies aren’t still able to acquire new customers easily. There are many reasons behind it, such as:
In short, digital age customers are changing. They don’t get swayed by the charming ads. In fact, they believe in doing thorough research before buying anything. And then, they only buy from the brand that offers them personalized solutions.
This means your traditional customer acquisition marketing strategies are obsolete today. Therefore, you need to revamp your customer acquisition process to gain maximum output.
And that is what we will discuss today. This post will help you recharge your product marketing strategies to meet modern customer needs. Let’s dig in.

7 Ways to Get Maximum ROI from Customer Acquisition Marketing

Customer acquisition is the whole process of walking a stranger to your sales funnel and converting them to your customer. Thus, it is vital to design your customer acquisition marketing strategies to acquire more customers on a small budget.
Here’s how you should empower your customer acquisition marketing efforts:

1. Start Collecting Intent Data

Intent data is the best place to start your customer acquisition process. This data will help you better target your customers and reduce customer acquisition costs.
In fact, Google uses search intent to rank web pages. The user intent data will tell you what people are actually searching online and how your products or services can help them.
Broadly, you can collect user intent data in three ways:
  • First-party intent data. This data is collected based on the user’s interaction with your website, social media, or emails.
  • Second-party intent data. Collecting users’ data from other sites is called second-party data. For example, if you have published a guest blog on other websites, the user’s interaction on those sites will be your second-party intent data.
  • Third-party intent data. This data is collected from all over the interest. It is quite a large-scale project, so you have to invest huge resources to collect third-party intent data. Usually, marketers use reverse IP lookup, bidstream data from ads and widgets to collect this data.
You can use any type of intent data based on your customer acquisition strategies. All you need is to use the right tools to collect user intent data, such as UnboundB2BLeadfeederZoomInfoKickFire, and many more.

2. Define Your Targeted Audience

Once you have collected the user intent data, the next step is to define your audience. Your preliminary research will find the people who can relate to your products and services.
Using this information, you should further segment your audience into smaller groups so you can personalize your customer acquisition marketing strategies.
You can segment your audience by age, demographic, interest, and other factors. This way, you can personalize your marketing approach and save your resources. Mint’s email marketing is the best example of targeting an audience. When I was looking for my credit score on the Mint app a few days back, the brand collected my interest data and sent me this email:

Source: Zen-media

This strategy allows you to target your users based on their interests and preferences. Targeting a small group of people with your emails or ads will dramatically improve your customer acquisition rate.
This strategy allows you to target your users based on their interests and preferences. Targeting a small group of people with your emails or ads will dramatically improve your customer acquisition rate.

3. Find The Right Customer Acquisition Channel

In this digital age, you have several marketing channels in your hand to acquire new customers, such as:
  • Email marketing
  • Digital ads
  • Social media marketing and many more.
Now, all these marketing channels have a good success rate. In fact, email marketing ROI is 122%, and organic reach on social media is 5%.
But, the question here is – which customer acquisition marketing channel is ideal for you?
Many factors impact your selection of the right marketing channel, such as:
  • Industry
  • Products or services
  • Customer interest, etc.
Let’s take the example of HubSpot and Dropbox. Both brands have a similar customer base of professionals and B2B clients. But still, the same customer acquisition channel doesn’t work for them.
HubSpot gains its maximum users from organic reach. They target relevant keywords, use social media and other organic channels to grow their business. Have a look at HubSpot’s Instagram page, they frequently share informative content with their users, and they have over 413K followers. Wow!

Source: Instagram

In contrast, organic stuff didn’t work for Dropbox. In the early days, most Dropbox growth came from its referral program. And Dropbox’s Instagram followers are just 46K.

Source: Instagram

Therefore, you should first explore all the relevant customer acquisition marketing channels and then only focus on the high result-driven ones.

4. Work On Harnessing Your Audience

Once a potential customer enters your customer acquisition loop, you have to nurture and harness them. And for that purpose, content marketing is the best option.
When you publish regular content on your website, you can build your online brand niche. People in your industry will start to recognize your brand. Getting recognition will further help you win consumers’ trust.
Content marketing can support your customer acquisition process at every step, for instance:
  • Content can make people familiar with your brand
  • By publishing informative blogs, you can drive potential users your way
  • The regular content publication will keep your audience engaged
  • Finally, the content will motivate users to buy from your site
In short, content marketing will drive, retain and convert your customers with ease. Additionally, content marketing is the cheapest method to acquire new customers. And we all know content is the perfect place to embed SEO keywords and outbound links.
All you need is a good copywriter, and you can quickly fuel your customer acquisition marketing with well-written content.

5. Visually Stimulate Your Customer

In your customer acquisition marketing, don’t forget to leave room for video marketing. As per a Cisco study, 82% of consumer traffic will come from videos by 2021.
Also, 65% of people are good visual learners. Thus, you can use videos to attract users and help them better understand your brand. It is a dual-edged sword to gain new customers.
However, if you have no clue how to use video marketing to acquire new customers, here are a few ideas for you:
  • Replace your boring product explanation video with animated videos
  • Share testimonials and customers feedback in video format
  • Create how-to videos to provide value to your customers
  • Behind the scene, videos are perfect for social engagement and earning customers trust
  • Q&A-style videos are also great to inform and motivate customers, etc.

6. Work On Engaging Your Audience

Today, lead generation is the simplest part of the customer acquisition marketing process. You can simply run some Google Ads, and people will get to know your brand. In fact, many will click on your ad. But, what after that?
Google’s algorithm can only help your ad pop up on your target audience’s search results. But it can’t motivate them to take action and stay connected with your brand. For this, you have to use your buyer’s intent data and creativity to keep your leads engaged.
Today, brands are using various methods to engage their audience, such as:

Games and Rewards

Games and rewards are loved by all. So, you can organize some gaming contests for your customers and offer a reward to the winner.
The key here is to use simple and fun games like SolitaireblissSudoku, or Puzzles that people can easily relate to. Also, offer a reward for something that can promote your products.
Here are a few ideas to host contests for your customers and employees like:
  • Salesperson of the month
  • Spin the wheel
  • A customer review contest
  • Lead conversion competition
  • Sales poker


Offering free stuff is yet another great way to engage your customers. You can improve your social presence with the giveaways.
For instance, Trailhead is a free online learning platform from Salesforce. Here you can learn new skills and earn free gifts on the way. They offer simple giveaways like Slackstro plushie or Trailblazer hoodie so that more people can join their community.
Source : PCmag

7. Give a Final Push to Your Audience

Once you have harnessed, nurtured, and engaged your audience, now you have to give them a final push to purchase. For this, you need a fully optimized landing page.
All your content, videos, and ads are medium to drive leads to your landing page. This page is the final step in the customer acquisition process. Thus, make sure to create a stunning landing page.
Here are a few tips for developing a result-driven landing page:
  • Make your products or services standout
  • Simplify landing page layout
  • Try contrasting colors
  • Highlight the important features
  • Keep the CTA bold and clear
  • Create a catchy headline
  • SEO-optimize the landing page content, etc.

Sum Up Customer Acquisition Marketing Process

Customer acquisition marketing is a complete process of turning a stranger into your customer. This one process includes lead generation, nurturing, and retention processes.
Thus, it is crucial to draft customer acquisition marketing strategies to drive maximum results.
Start your customer acquisition marketing by analyzing the buyer’s intent and then boost it with lead nurturing and engaging strategies. Just follow the right direction and you will easily get the most from your customer acquisition marketing.
So, the key takeaway here is to follow your leads till the end so they won’t leak from the sales funnel.
Now, go and revamp your customer acquisition marketing strategies to gain maximum results.
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