Optimizing MQLs and HQLs: Landing Page Tactics for Companies

Effective lead generation is crucial for businesses to increase their customer base and maximize their sales and marketing budget. Generating marketing quality leads (MQLs) and high-quality leads (HQLs) saves time and resources by focusing on leads with a higher likelihood of conversion. A successful lead generation process involves creating user-friendly landing pages, maintaining consistent messaging across ads and landing pages, leveraging celebrity endorsements for validation, and crafting a compelling brand story with relevant visuals and audio. These strategies help attract, convert, and retain leads throughout the buyer's funnel.


The goal of every business vendor is to continually increase their customer base so that they can sell more and more of their products and services. Furthermore, it is not just for the business to sell products, the business must also be able to derive maximum value from its sales and marketing budget, especially if it is a small business with a small budget. One of the ways by which businesses, especially those who have their products and services online achieve this is through online lead generation.
Every business must generate quality MQLs and HQLs to its business landing page. There are several benefits for a company that is able to generate MQLs and HQLs effectively, one of the benefits is that it will save time, money and effort for the organization’s sales and marketing teams, as time that would have otherwise been spent pursuing low-quality leads and following dead-end leads that are unlikely to convert can be channeled towards converting the leads that are already marketing quality.
Furthermore, it helps the marketing team understand the methods that work best and to alter their strategy as required. Finally, it also helps the organization’s product development team to be able to know the products that buyers are attracted to, which helps them in the devotion of resources.

Make Your Lead Generation Process Successful

Before we go on to discuss how a successful lead generation process works, it is important that we discuss what an MQL and an HQL means. According to experts, an MQL, also known as a Marketing Quality Lead, is a lead that is likely to become a customer. In other words, the potential lead has taken an action such as visited the landing page or taken an action specified by a call to action button on the land page. An HQL also is known as a High-Quality Lead, is a lead that has decided to by your product, they have a budget and are ready to contact your sales team.
Having defined both key terms, the next step is to discuss the steps to a successful lead generation process.

Make Your Landing Page Easy to Use

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A landing page of a business usually contains a form, where potential leads can enter their details to be contacted. As a vendor, it is important that you keep your landing page forms easy for the lead to fill in. Don’t make the form unnecessarily long, or else the prospect might become bored and navigate away from your page to another competitor’s page. Also, do not make your forms or call to action button with technical jargon or unnecessarily complicated, or else your lead might begin to feel like you are trying to confuse him or her which makes your business look untrustworthy. This might lead to them not filling your forms and navigating to a competitor’s page because your competitor has made their own language easier to comprehend.

Make Your Messaging Consistent

To generate an MQL and an HQL as a Lead generation company, your messaging must be consistent. If for example, you are using search engine ads, the message in the ad must be congruent with the message on the landing page. You must ensure that each ad leads to the right landing page for the product. If your message is not consistent or not straightforward enough on the landing page, the prospect might lose interest and navigate to another person’s page. The short form of this advice is Let your message be consistent.

Use Celebrity Endorsements

As a Lead generation company, to bring in more HQLs and MQLs it is important that you provide validation from other brands you have worked with. There is nothing that draws in prospects more than seeing that the organization whose landing page they want to sign up on is trusted by big brands or popular people. Since the leads know that bigger brands have a reputation to protect and they cannot afford to work with someone who is not good at their job. This increases the level of trust that the lead will have in your business and which makes it easier for leads to convert.


Finally, it is important that a Lead generation company who wants to increase marketing quality leads and high-quality leads, crafts a unique brand story. Leads/customers are likely to relate with a story that is compelling and to buy products and services from a vendor who puts such a compelling story on their landing page. However, you should not just write a story, you should accompany it with audios and visuals that are quality and highly relevant. This way you will not only be able to bring leads and prospects to your, but it will also help you to retain them and guide them through your buyer’s funnel in other to ensure that they become paying subscribers/leads.
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