9 Lead Generation Companies That’ll Expand Your Reach in 2023 (How to Choose the Best Company)

Lead generation is a significant challenge for companies. Especially the process of nurturing a B2B lead can take several months, and fast response times are crucial for web leads. Hiring a lead generation company can alleviate this burden and allow marketers to focus on building customer relationships. While choosing a lead gen partner, it's important to assess their capabilities, reputation, data quality, and ROI expectations. So here are some top lead generation companies for 2023 that specialize in developing and implementing custom lead generation strategies that will assist in your decision-making process.


Lead generation is the hardest thing for every company, especially B2B Lead Generation Companies.
On average, it takes 4-6 months to nurture a new B2B lead. However, it can take even more, as you can see in this bar diagram:
B2B Sales cycles - New Vs. Existing customers
Besides taking a long time to decide, web leads hate waiting. They want a response from a company within 17 hours. Moreover, 9x leads drop off when they wait longer than 5 minutes.
That means leads prefer fast responses but take longer to decide.
And that makes marketers’ jobs harder. They can either be available for leads all the time or focus on improving lead generation strategies.
Many smart businesses have addressed this problem with a simple solution—hiring a lead generation company.
A lead gen agency is a team of creative and lead generation experts that works to develop and implement custom lead generation strategies. These companies can take over all your lead gen troubles, so you can focus on building customer experiences and relationships.
Today, many great lead generation companies are available in the market. But, finding a suitable one for your business takes time and effort.
But, no need to worry about it!
This post shows how to choose the perfect lead generation companies and top 9 agencies you can hire in 2023.

What Are the Main Lead Generation Company Types?

Lead gen companies are divided into categories based on the targeted industry, used technologies, and lead generation methods. Generally, there are two main lead gen company types:

Outbound lead generation agency

Outbound lead generation strategies are the most established. They are primarily done through emails, cold calling, and direct mailing.
While they are old-fashioned marketing methods, they have lasted longer due to their effectiveness.

Inbound lead generation agency

Inbound lead generation, on the other hand, occurs when agencies develop strategically designed content. It is intended to attract potential leads.
Content is typically the main inbound marketing weapon, such as social media advertisements, articles, and blog posts.

Why Must You Partner with a Lead Generation Company?

Here are compelling reasons to work with a lead generation agency:

Complete lead gen team’s support

Digital marketing is teamwork. Many professionals collaborate to launch successful lead generation campaigns, including copywriters, SEO experts, social media strategists, graphic designers, and many more.
Hiring an individual professional and managing them can suck up your marketer’s time. In contrast, agencies already have a digital marketing team that can help you achieve your goals in less time and without complexities.

Streamline your internal operations

The benefit of working with an agency is that they are not overburdened with your company’s day-to-day operations. Instead, their primary goal is to drive results for your company; this is how they add value to your organization and demonstrate their worth.
You can focus on other initiatives, goals, and priorities while an agency drives new leads to your company via your website.

Save your team

Outsourcing lead generation workload can save you time and money. For example, according to a study, B2B sales reps make 35 calls per day.
Finding the prospects and then calling them can take your sales reps all day, resulting in less focus on important operations like strategizing, relationship building, etc.
Thanks to agencies, your team doesn’t have to handle appointment scheduling and calling. Instead, they can either use the agency’s pre-built database or request them to build a custom contact base.

Set up lead targeting and follow-up strategy

Lead scoring is yet another way for your sales team to save time. For example, you can use lead scoring to determine when a lead is ready for your sales team to follow up – or if lead nurturing is a better option.
This type of process will help you build trust with your potential customers. It is critical to follow up with leads when they are ready to hear from you, but you can also scare a lead away by following up with them too early in the process.
But, the agency experts know when to pouch a lead before it turns cold or, leaks from your funnel.

Reduce the sales cycle

Sales-qualified leads are easy to identify when you have an established lead flow. It means it’s simple to recognize when buyers indicate that they’re ready to be approached by a salesperson.
Consider your actions when you’re in a store and ready to buy—you ask questions, gather information, and then seek a salesperson to assist you with the final purchase.
The same is true for online purchasers. When your lead generation agency can assist you in identifying key buyer research moments and mapping them to your buyer journey, it becomes simple to determine where your prospects are in the journey and connect with leads who are ready to buy.

How to Find the Best Lead Generation Company?

A good lead generation company can make or break your sales funnel. Thus, it is critical to partner with the right growth agency.
Here are some tips for choosing a perfect lead gen partner:

Explore and Identify your Lead Generation Issues

Connect with a wide range of potential contacts via B2B lead generation services, from those simply looking to know more about the product or service to leads that have an established understanding of the company and actively support its offerings. In this case, each type of lead is in a different stage of the purchasing cycle, where a certain percentage is falling under leads, while others are merely names in a contact list.
When you shortlist a lead provider, you must understand specific ways in which they will be beneficial to your company. Doing an objective survey of your marketing capacity and its ability to grow leads is a smart way to gauge the effectiveness of existing resources and how exactly a specialist might be of most use.
For instance, if you already have a sound email marketing strategy and the platform is showing strong numbers, there’s no point in hiring services that provide expertise on the same. Instead, if conversion rates are down because of misdirected content and unclear communication, this area will benefit from a lead gen company’s focus.

Reality Check on ROI Expectations

Calculating the ROI to buy leads is relatively easy, but a business organization should update the strategy depending on the kind of leads pursued. Unfortunately, many focus on the number of leads, even if they are low-cost because these show a significant increase in less time.
However, the quality of the leads suffers because most are not at the stage where they are willing to buy a product or service from your business so that the returns will take far longer. This is usually due to poor data sources provided by third-party companies. Therefore, it is important to treat time as a valuable commodity and review how much investment will be needed once the leads are purchased.

Shortlist the Well-Known Organizations

In today’s world, there is an overwhelming list of options available regarding companies or firms offering leads to B2B companies. However, an experienced company versus a newcomer will have a noticeable difference in the type of leads they sell and how sustainable they are.
Explore the reputation of shortlisted organizations by browsing their social media platforms, testimonials or feedback from previous clients on their websites, and independent reviews published online on different mediums.
Is the type of content on their website consistent and expressive? What kind of networks do they interact with? Do they offer fair and flexible budget plans? Are their customers loyal?
These are markers for a long-term business, and more exposure to market conditions means better results. A prospective lead generation partner should be fully capable of delivering on their promises and increasing your lead quota instead of being all talk.

Assess the Quality of Data

It’s not enough to implement a new lead generation software and stop there. Your team needs to rigorously analyze whether the leads received are useful for your specific requirements. Most businesses get excited when they have a huge hike in the number of new leads, but if they don’t match your criteria, your situation is the same as before. Lead data must be utilized strategically, and only then will you see the results.
What distinguishes a great lead from others? First, look at the supplier’s existing portfolio and the protocols they execute to ensure lead quality is screened before reaching their clients.
More established agencies, such as UnboundB2B, guarantee the minimum number of leads to expect based on the priorities discussed. If the quality of your leads is improved, there will be visible changes on the marketing and sales front.
You can check our case study section to understand our lead generation strategies and techniques better.
Don’t get fooled by lead aggregator companies aiming to make a quick buck through false and misleading advertising that encourages consumers to share a lead. Instead, choose sales to lead data perfectly tailored to potential clients and builds a personal connection with them.

Conversion Rates of Clients

Once you invest in a lead generation agency or firm, you should be getting returns linked to your business plans. The offered services must be able to fulfill multiple marketing goals and report back higher customer satisfaction rates.
Take a realistic approach to measure marketing and sales efforts, both from the business side and the lead generation agency concerned. Keep being proactive about doing the things that are working well, and focus less on the things that aren’t helping much.
Look out for suppliers who care about lead generation numbers without monitoring the long-term impact on customers’ needs. Instead, ensure you’ve got the best possible deal with software applications by checking the free trial versions and double-checking the conversion rates on different channels.

Review the Guarantees or Terms of Service

Before you seal the deal with a particular company, have a frank discussion on the kind of expectations you have in mind and what their services can realistically provide support for. Of course, it’s always great to hear from confident and capable professionals who give a guaranteed result. Still, vague statements and an unclear action plan are red flags for discontinuing negotiations.
Create a frequent communication channel that specifies the format, and establish who will be the point of contact on behalf of your team. Being open to feedback is vital for the company to be successful with your project, so be open to avoid any unnecessary misunderstanding. If things are going well, explore the possibility of longer collaborations instead of just the current assignment.
For many, the lead generation industry remains as unpredictable as ever, but many types of fish are in the sea. To figure out one best suited to your requirements, your marketing and sales team must do the necessary research and single out those organizations going the extra mile versus unverified agencies profiting from random contact lists.
Exceptional lead gen firms are pros at helping their clients master the market dynamics and create winning talking points that add to the brand. At the early stage, a business should take a closer look at the full scope of such an organization and what they offer to expand in a new market or streamline existing operations for better profitability.

Top 9 Lead Generation Companies for 2023

Now let’s not waste your time online to find the best lead generation companies; contact these 9 companies to save your time and grow your company faster:

1. UnboundB2B

UnboundB2B is a company dedicated to meeting the needs of Technology and Enterprise companies worldwide. We offer several growth services, such as B2B lead generation, appointment setting, demand generation, etc.
UnboundB2B Lead Generation Company
Our company’s mission is to help businesses increase their ROIs, shorten the sales cycle, and generate qualified leads.
UnboundB2B has worked with industry leaders like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon AWS, Adobe, Oracle, and others to create lead generation campaigns.
Top Features
  • Fill the funnels of B2B companies with marketing and sales-qualified leads.
  • Appointment settings to assist you in connecting with the appropriate leads.
  • A personalized account-based marketing campaign to assist you in reaching your key decision-makers.
  • Content syndication services make your content available across multiple marketing channels.
  • UnboundB2B investigates your competitors’ and partners’ websites to customize your lead generation strategy.

2. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a lead generation holy grail. To generate quality leads, it is the best IT consulting partner.
ScienceSoft is based in Texas and has offices in the EU and Eastern Europe and clients in over 40 countries. Since 1989, it has solved digital and business challenges for Fortune 500 corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, and startups.
ScienceSoft collaborates with IBM, Oracle, AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft, ServiceNow, and Magento to help you grow online. It is a Microsoft Gold Competency holder in six areas: application development, collaboration and content, data analytics, data center, data platform, and messaging.
Top Features
  • Comprehensive QA and testing services.
  • Software development solutions that are dependable and scalable.
  • Insightful data drives lead generation strategies.
  • Complete IT consulting services.
  • Application creation and management.

3. Cience Technologies

Cience Technologies provides outbound orchestration, which aids in pipeline growth. It includes several features that allow the sales team to focus solely on selling while the agency handles everything else. They offer sales data solutions and outbound and inbound SDR and SRM services.
Cience Technologies
Cience technologies are best for orchestrated outbound, which means they coordinate multiple channels to reach audiences, such as email, web, and mobile.
Top Features
  • Using cutting-edge technology, obtain accurate data on the targeted audience.
  • Creates sales pipelines through qualified appointments.
  • Each SDR team receives a data researcher, messaging specialist, account manager, project manager, and so on.
  • Various features are provided to convert Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).
  • Connects the leads data to HubSpot CRM.

4. SalesPro Leads

SalesPro Leads is a company that provides qualified leads and assists with appointment setting. To ensure maximum results, they offer additional support services with professional industry experience, such as inquiry management, lead nurturing, inside sales, event recruitment, database development, and management.
SalesPro Leads
Top Features
  • Aids in the management of inbound inquiries generated by campaigns or SEO.
  • Nurtures both new leads and existing customers to engage them in your brand.
  • Inside sales provide untapped revenue opportunities.
  • Attendees in any event (promotional event) are managed by managing regulations and confirmations.
  • Creates and manages the database.

5. SalesAladin

SalesAladin is a lead generation agency that offers various sales growth solutions and marketing operations to help businesses grow. It also provides B2B appointment setting, lead research, outsourced sales, outbound SDRs, account-based marketing, content optimization, website revamping & development, and other services.
Top Features
  • It helps in market research for high-quality accounts based on the client’s ICPs (Ideal Customer Profiles)
  • Provides global appointment-setting service with MQLs and SQLs.
  • Creates the client’s website to engage prospects.
  • Provides various Mar-tech solutions, including the integration of sales and marketing products.

6. Belkins

Belkins is a lead generation agency that assists its users with lead generation, email deliverability, appointment setting, converting MQL to SQL, and many other tasks. In addition, it helps in providing everything we need to build a sales funnel, such as making a list of qualified leads and setting appointments with them.
Top Features
  • Connect and schedule appointments with prospects on your behalf.
  • Experienced Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and copywriters are available on the team.
  • Generates leads and assists in identifying the most qualified leads from all available paid and free sources.
  • Provides email deliverability-related services.
  • Connect with prospects on LinkedIn by offering influencer marketing strategies as well.

7. KlientBoost

KlientBoost is a marketing firm that focuses on digital marketing. It is an excellent lead generation company if you want to build a digital brand.
The company has a large team that is spread out across the globe. They provide lead generation services to businesses in the e-commerce, technology, and other fields. In addition, this firm provides all of the necessary marketing solutions for startups and large corporations.
They typically use Google ads, SEO, Facebook ads, and email marketing to increase your conversion rates.
Top Features
  • PPC management and paid advertising solutions such as Facebook and Google ads.
  • Content marketing and link building are two of the most effective SEO strategies.
  • Landing page design and optimization
  • Creating an email list to launch email campaigns.

8. WebFX

Want to boost your lead generation, sales, and revenue? If this is the case, you should hire this reputable and highly-rated digital marketing firm.
WebFX promises to increase the rate of revenue lead generation. The company employs various marketing strategies to generate significant leads, including phone calls, content marketing, email marketing, and others.
Top Features
  • Organic SEO services are available for both large corporations and small businesses.
  • Google ad management for local services.
  • SEO audit, including page speed and essential web optimization.
  • Programmatic advertising, enterprise PPC management, and other digital advertising services are available.
  • Solutions for social media growth.

9. Callbox

Callbox is a collection of lead management tools. It offers various services, including B2B lead generation, account-based marketing, database solutions, cross-border marketing, webinar and virtual event marketing, and event marketing. In addition, it enables businesses to grow more quickly by utilizing multiple channels such as email, voice, social, chat, website, and webinars.
Top Features
  • Sets appointments with clients to provide them with quality leads and high-value contacts and accounts.
  • Account-based marketing is facilitated by identifying, expanding, engaging, and converting the targeted accounts.
  • Offers a variety of sales database solutions such as data cleansing, customer profiling, and targeted lists.
  • This company offers event management solutions at all stages, from campaign setup to post-event marketing.
  • Conducts webinars and virtual events, among other things.

Which is The Best Lead Generation Company for My Business?

Are you wondering which is the best company for your business? In that case, you must examine your business size, goals, audience, and other internal factors.
Knowing your business is the key to finding the best lead generation agency.
However, if you want a B2B lead generation company that uses human emotions and software-intelligence to generate quality leads, UnboundB2B is ready to serve.
Just get in touch to discuss your lead gen goals, and we can start your growth journey on the spot.
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