10 Awesome Techniques For SaaS Marketers To Get More Software Subscriptions

10 Awesome Techniques For SaaS Marketers To Get More Software Subscriptions

10 Awesome Techniques For SaaS Marketers To Get More Software Subscriptions

You may be wondering, “Why are we going to discuss techniques for SaaS marketing only?”🤔

Unlike other industries, SaaS companies don’t offer one-time purchase products; instead, they retain customers on a recurring subscription-based model.

That’s why promoting SaaS platforms needs unique and distinct techniques rather than accomplishing traditional strategies.

In this guide, we’ll see the top 10 strategies that a SaaS marketer can follow to get more software subscriptions.

10 Marketing Techniques That SaaS Marketers Should Try to Get More Software Subscriptions

As per Statista, the SaaS market is estimated to be worth approximately 145 billion U.S. dollars in 2022.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to market the subscription model and attract more customers to use your product.

1. Implement Content Marketing Strategies

Many SaaS marketers use content marketing to create brand awareness, attract visitors to the website, and generate more software subscriptions.

Additionally, it’s essential to educate the prospect about the SaaS products; otherwise, you may lose your potential customer.👍

A study shows that people are 131% more likely to buy from brands that educated them with content.

Along with educational content, you can also create engaging content through articles, blogs, social media posts, etc.

For example, Moz publishes blog posts every single day in various categories such as email marketing, keyword research, and more.

Therefore, it lets readers research their pain points and rectify all the problems quickly.

Source: Moz

Tip: Unlike PPC, where you generate leads after spending on ads, you can drive leads organically in content marketing.✔

2. Emphasize on Email Marketing

Email marketing may sound like an old-school concept, but it’s an integral strategy to date.

Either you want to focus on customer retention or generate exceptional ROI, email marketing can help you grow SaaS companies.

Here are the reasons why SaaS marketers keep email marketing in their strategic plans.👇

  • Get more software subscriptions in a single click.
  • Showcase your existing customers how to leverage platform services.
  • Quick access links to blogs and authoritative articles.

SaaS companies send out various emails, such as company newsletters, new product/feature announcements, webinars, and surveys.

I’d suggest automating your email marketing; for instance, emails should be triggered when a prospect sign-ups for a free trial.

Below is an example of Trello; they send you an email once you create a new account.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO plays an essential role in increasing organic website traffic, which helps you get more software subscriptions.

Generally, you need to focus on two categories, i.e., on-page and off-page SEO.

Various SaaS companies like Hubspot, Hootsuite, and Drift used SEO strategies to gain millions of visitors organically.

When it comes to SEO, an essential factor is to measure the results.

After optimizing your site, you need to measure your site’s performance in search engine rankings, traffic, and conversion.

For example, Pepipost has seen a 2x increase in leads via organic traffic after applying content-centric SEO effort.

4. Offer Free Trials to Generate Subscriptions

Offering free trials to prospects is one of the fastest ways to get more software subscriptions.

People won’t use a SaaS product just because of a free trial; instead, they’re investing time to get familiar with the product.

Therefore, there’s a high chance of converting a prospect from a free trial to the paid version.

Simply put, free trials not only help users understand your product but also give a reason to subscribe to your paid version.

For example, Shopify offers 14 days free trial to users that let you set up your online store.

However, you need to choose a monthly plan before you start selling your products.🛒

Source: Shopify

Tip: While providing free trials, you should provide technical support, so users won’t find your product complex to use.

5. Create Online Presence on Social Media

Over 200 million businesses use Facebook to connect with customers, and 57 million companies are registered on LinkedIn.

So, if a SaaS company is not listed on social media platforms, then you can assume what they’re going to miss out on.

However, choosing a social media channel depends on where the target audience resides.

Now, you might be thinking, “Do software subscriptions increase just by moving to social media?”

Partially correct!✔

Simply registering on social media platforms won’t make a huge difference.

Instead, you need to create informative and engaging content for your audience regularly.

For example, Databox used Twitter to showcase a case study on how one of its users built SEO reports to visualize ROI.

Source: Twitter

6. Educate Your Target Audience Via Webinars

Either it’s blog posts, ebooks, or webinars, each of them helps you boost brand awareness, build trust and relationships.

A study by Demio depicts 78 out of 100 SaaS companies use webinar strategy to get more software subscriptions.

To drive a successful webinar, you need a strong strategy; otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your time and resources.

Firstly, you need to decide the purpose of the webinar, such as case study, educational content, registration form, product demo, etc.

For example, Intercom offers webinars based on their product categories, including conversation support, conversational marketing, and more.

You can register for their upcoming webinars, or you can also watch their pre-recorded webinars.

Source: Intercom

7. Set Up a Referral Program

In the referral program, existing customers recommend your product in their network to grow your customer base.😉

According to a study, referred leads convert 30% better than leads acquired via other marketing channels.

However, if you don’t incentivize heavily, a group of marketers thinks you won’t receive a good number of referrals.

On the other hand, some say that you’ll receive low-quality referrals if you award heavy incentives.

I’d suggest you test referral marketing as per your SaaS product and then optimize accordingly.

For example, Dropbox used a referral program where they offer 500 MB of bonus space to each one who installs the Dropbox.

Source: Dropbox

8. Connect With Industry Influencers

In influencer marketing, you collaborate with influencers in your niche, and they promote products in front of their audience.

82% of survey respondents believe that influencer marketing campaigns attract more quality customers than any other form of marketing.

Below are some of the benefits of collaborating with an influencer for your SaaS product.👇

  • Reach to the right audience and communicate effectively.
  • Deliver content according to the target audience’s interest.
  • Increase engagement and generate higher ROI.

To achieve better results, you need to find relevant influencers who have a good audience base in your niche.

I’d suggest using Buzzsumo as it lets you identify creators with engaged audiences and genuine authority on the web.

Source: Buzzsumo

9. Leverage the Power of Partner Program

Partner programs are often confused with a referral program; however, there are specific differences between the two.

The primary difference is in the partner program; you don’t have to be the existing user to refer to the other prospect.🤐

As a SaaS marketer, you have to pay affiliates only after closing a deal with the leads provided by them.

For example, Zendesk offers three value-based partner programs, namely Affiliate, Select, and Master.

By generating revenue through referral, resale, or implementation of Zendesk products and services, you can acquire new customers.

It lets them build partnerships with start-ups as well as large companies. Here are the details for each partner program.

Source: Zendesk

10. Publish Customer Reviews and Success Stories

Customer reviews are a powerful way to get more software subscriptions across industries — the SaaS sector is no exception.

According to research, when a product gets five reviews, purchase chances increase by 270% compared to products having no reviews.

To get honest reviews, you only need to ask your loyal customers to review your SaaS product.

You can either publish customer testimonials on your website or get your product listed on SaaS-specific review platforms, including G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, etc.

Source: TrustRadius

Meanwhile, you should work on case studies which are among the best ways to showcase how your product solves the problem.🤔

Ready to Adopt Marketing Techniques to Get More Software Subscriptions?

SaaS marketing is a bit distinctive compared to other marketing; however, it can profoundly impact your product’s success.

Finding the right marketing technique to get more software subscriptions can be a difficult job for SaaS marketers.

So, you need to test and analyze different marketing strategies and opt for the one which works best for your industry.

Do you know any other strategy that you can use to get more software subscriptions? Tell us in the comment section below.

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