How to Effectively Nurture Your Enterprise Tech Audience

Nurturing tech leads is a critical part of any sales process. You can help them move through the sales funnel and eventually become paying customers by providing relevant and timely information. To do this, you need to identify your goals and target audience, create targeted content, follow up in a timely manner, use lead scoring, take a multi-channel approach, have direct interactions with your customers, and align your sales and marketing team. By following these tips, you can nurture your tech leads and turn them into paying customers.


Getting more traffic on your website is not enough if you want to grow your tech company fast. You need to adopt strategic lead nurturing tactics to convert your tech leads into paying customers.
Also, before you convert your tech leads from the top of the funnel into a paying customer, you are likely to have multiple touchpoints in between.
Sounds tough?🤔
With some lead nurturing and marketing automation and techniques, you can effectively drive more sales and direct your customers to the bottom of the funnel.
In this article, we’ll discuss the four techniques that can help you effectively nurture your enterprise tech leads. In the end, we’ll also discuss why lead nurturing is so important for your business.👇

1. Identify Your Goals And Target Audience

It’s very important that you identify the goal of your lead nurturing campaign.
Having a clear idea of what you want to achieve at every stage of the lead nurturing campaign will allow you to:
  • Understand what kind of content you need to create.
  • Effectively direct traffic to at every stage further down the funnel.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaign to get more sign-ups, downloads, and conversions.
Additionally, you can’t nurture your audience well if you don’t clearly understand their goals, challenges, motivations, etc.
Therefore, it’s always ideal to create different buyer personas of your target audience. That way, you can personalize your content in a way that inspires them to take action and increase your chances of converting that customer.

2. Leverage Targeted Content

You certainly cannot use a cookie cutter approach when it comes to lead nurturing.
One size certainly does not fit all. You need to leverage targeted content to nurture your tech leads and move them towards the bottom of the funnel.
Once you have a clear understanding of your buyer persona, create a corpus of content that can effectively target that segment of your audience.
You can then use a marketing automation platform to identify and target that buyer persona with that content on multiple channels.

3. Follow-Up In A Timely Manner

Lead nurturing is all about getting your customers to the next stage in their buying journey.
It’s therefore imperative that you give your tech leads all the information they need to move to the next stage of the funnel.
An immediate follow-up is always better and works more effectively than any volume of cold emails prospects.
When you make the customer consistently engage with your product or service, you are keeping them interested in your company and moving them to the bottom of the funnel.
In fact, poor customer service can cost your tech leads and conversions.
With prompt services and support, you’ll delight the customer with your prompt services and support. This, in turn, can boost loyalty and retention rate.

4. Use Lead Scoring

When it comes to lead generation, all tech leads are not created equal. Some of them can be easier to convert than the others. The process of ranking them based on the value they provide for your company is called lead scoring.
This numerical value can be based on parameters like:
  • Time spent on the channel
  • Pages viewed by the visitor
  • Contact information provided by the visitor
  • Overall behaviour across all the channels
  • Signing up for newsletter, ebook, emails, and other parameters
The higher the score, the more likely they are going to become a customer of your company.
Lead scoring helps you in several ways. Some of its benefits include:
  • Save time for your sales team by letting you know if it’s time to contact the lead.
  • Target specific prospects who seem interested in your business.
  • Decide the probability of the prospect converting into a paying customer.
  • Know if the visitor is ready to buy or needs to be nurtured more before they can convert.

5. Take A Multi-Channel Approach

In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s important to meet customers where they are.
You have to take a multichannel approach and leverage different channels to interact with your customers. If they are not active on one channel, you have to reach out to them on others.
Source – Business2community
Some popular ones include:
A. Blogs
Blogs are one of the most important channels to nurture your audience in the tech niche. You can write educational and informative blog posts around your products and services.
To nurture your tech leads, you can also provide content suggestions based on a website visitor’s behaviour and browsing history.
B. Videos
Videos have a lasting impact on the viewers. To nurture tech leads effectively through videos you can create:
Tutorial videos on how to use your services/products.
  • Informative videos about recent technological advances in your niche.
  • Explanatory videos on different technical topics of your niche.
  • These videos can be uploaded on YouTube or embedded in a blog post on the same topic.
C. Social Media Platforms
Interacting with your audience on different social media channels can make you come across as easily accessible and friendly.
Be present on popular channels like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and reach out to customers to build trust and engage your audience.

6. Have Direct Interactions With Your Customer

Although there are a lot of benefits to automated nurturing, nothing can replace human interaction when it comes to getting more conversions.
Direct interaction gives you the chance to:
  • Know your audience one-to-one and understand your customers’ problems.
  • Address the customer’s specific problems and overcome objections.
  • Humanize your mission and product in front of your customers.
You can also interact with your audiences directly through calls, social media live, webinars etc.

7. Align Your Sales And Marketing Team

You can improve your customer retention rate if you bring your sales and marketing team together.
You can do this by asking your sales and marketing team to identify the points where customers move between teams. Triggers like conversion events, lead scoring, workflow enrollment will help you identify these pivot points and talk to the specific team.
A service level agreement can be documented to share expectations and responsibilities for collaboration between the two teams. Doing this will help them hold each other accountable and nurture leads successfully to turn prospects to paying customers.

Why Is It Important to Nurture Your Tech Leads?

The way you have nurtured your tech leads plays a pivotal role in deciding whether or not you convert them into customers.
The prospects might have many questions before they invest in your enterprise.
What value do you offer before a purchase? Why are you different from your competitors? Are you really worth the money?
These are just a few, but when your audience sees you answering these questions, the chances of them converting into paying customers increases.😉
So, you need to nurture them in different ways, on different channels, from time to time to eventually bring them into the sales funnel.


You need to tailor and prompt useful content to your leads and prepare them so that they are ready to make that purchasing decision.
It’s best to try out different types of content whether that’s email sequences, social media live videos, or dynamic content to see what works to promote your tech enterprise.
Lead nurturing may seem tedious at first but once you’ve found the right automation tools, it’ll be a piece of cake.
We hope that the article gave you some effective tips that you can use to nurture your tech leads and gain an edge over your competition.
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