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Software Solutions Company

Software Solutions Company

Software Solutions Company

ClientSoftware Solutions provider situated in California, United States
Who we are engaged withVP Marketing
Lead GenerationAppointment Setting

Challenges / Requirements:
The client wanted a Lead Generation Services vendor to handle generation of “Appointments“. An Appointment is a prospective customer that has been researched and vetted and is deemed sales ready. These leads are handed directly to the sale team for solution/product pitching.

Our Approaches & Deliverables:

  • Study the client’s strengths, the market structure, and competition and buyer profiles.
  • Create a lead generation strategy and execution plan, assess the project requirements, and create a resource allocation plan and proposal.
  • Multiple segment were targeted. Both the use & buyer of the solution were the key identified targets.
  • Create multi-channel campaign plans with clear deliverables like Create a database of highly relevant prospect, cleanse, append, and structure the database as per targeting strategy.
  • Teams got trained on client services offering.
  • Appointments were generated at a fast pace.
  • Gathered feedback from client’s in-house sales team and incorporate that into the campaign targeting strategy to improve conversion rates week-on-week.

Results :

  • Since the customer was starting such campaigns for the first time Unbound Marketing was instrumental in Outlining, Setting up, and stabilizing the Lead Generation strategy & engine.
  • Unbound Marketing delivered more than 80 appointments in seven months.
  • These appointments have helped clients to win new business accounts and meet their sales targets.
  • Campaign has been successful and have scaled 4 times the size they started with.