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AI for ABM

How to Leverage the Power of AI in Account Based Marketing?

Introduction With everything you know about Artificial intelligence now, the image of sentient machines taking over the world and ruling humanity is probably not what comes to mind whenever the subject of AI comes up. You also probably know that its applications are quite simple, and in the things around us such as: entertainment (Netflix),...
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Buying Guide

The Ultimate B2B Lead Generation Buying Guide

Introduction Research shows that good lead generation practices lead to 9.3% higher achievement in sales quotas.  A steady stream of new leads results in more business while a lax lead generation strategy can be the beginning of the end of your business. While business owners know this for a fact, and indeed up to 85%...
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B2B Sales

Decrypting the B2B Sales: Enterprise vs SMB

Introduction The SMB selling process is very different from enterprise selling. That is a very important distinction for anyone who wants to venture into b2b sales. A common notion among business people and novice sales people is that enterprises are just scaled-up versions of small businesses, or vice-versa. But this couldn’t be farther from the...
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