Top 4 Ways To Generate Technology Leads

In the B2B space, technology lead generation is crucial for success. Companies that embrace technology to generate leads experience significant benefits, such as increased deals, revenue, conversions, and customer engagement. Effective strategies include creating engaging websites, leveraging user search intent, publishing regular and high-quality content, and implementing remarketing techniques. By adapting to changing buyer behaviors and utilizing technology lead generation services, B2B companies can drive sales revenue and meet their targets successfully.


Technology has advanced rapidly in the last few decades, impacting literally every aspect of business. From marketing to sales and customer service, technology has changed the way businesses run.
But none of these areas have been turned upside down by technology like lead generation. Numerous statistics show that technology leads generation is at the heart of B2B marketing.
For instance, a report by Marketing Profs shows that companies that use AI technology close 59% more deals, generate 58% more revenue, get 52% more conversions and have 54% more customer engagements and traffic.
Another report by APSIS shows 49% marketers in the B2B space generate technology leads through marketing automation. Out of these, 80% register an increase in the number of leads they generate.
Content marketing and social media marketing are not left behind. According to Content Marketing Institute data, a significant percentage of B2B marketers – 88% – have made content marketing an integral part of their lead generation strategy.
B2B marketers also generate a considerable amount of leads from social media – with 80% of social media leads coming from LinkedIn. AI-powered chatbots are emerging as strong technology leads generators as well.
With the global business environment becoming more competitive, how can B2B companies use technology lead generation services to get quality leads?
In this article, we explore how B2B companies can ace technology lead generation the right way.

4 Ways B2B Companies Can generate Leads Who Are Technology Buyers:

  1. Be Tactful When Casting Your Net
  2. Leverage User Search Intent
  3. Publish Content Regularly
  4. Re-market Your Products or Service

1. Be Tactful When Casting Your Net

 To get quality technology leads, you need to ensure that every visitor that comes to your site has a pleasant experience that compels action. To do this, make your site engaging – ensure that it shows potential benefits that make visitors want to share the contacts you need to nurture them into customers.
Each click that prospects make on CTAs presents you with a unique chance to convert them. For this to happen, B2B marketers should make it easy for prospects to leave contacts. Two mistakes should be avoided at all costs:
  • Use of long lead capture forms
  • Asking prospects wrong questions.
Making these mistakes can cause prospects to drop off the marketing process before becoming leads. The best way to net quality leads is to ensure that your lead capture process communicates value to prospects while not assuming too much. To create leads you should consider best techniques like getting the Lead Management CRM system. Through this way, you can avoid all the mistakes while capturing the leads. Some tips to help you develop great lead capture forms are:
  • Focus on the solution: Prospects come to your site looking for solutions to a problem. Your lead capture landing page should show them that you genuinely want to provide a solution. Doing this increases your chances of turning prospects into leads.
  • Align requests to the value you’re offering: When preparing lead capture forms, you need to be smart. As for details that are commensurate to the value you wish to give prospects. For instance, avoid asking for phone numbers when all you want to offer is an infographic.
  • Make your forms logical: Ensure that your lead capture forms display follow-up questions based on responses provided by prospects. For instance, if you ask prospects for their experience level, condition your forms to ask follow-up questions only where prospects give a response that suits your target audience, like middle-level or senior level management.
Most importantly, keep your landing pages clear, concise and simple. Craft your landing page copy in a manner that not only entices prospects into taking action, but also filters those that aren’t a good fit for your company.

2. Leverage User Search Intent

While search engine rankings remain an important SEO achievement for B2B brands, Google has changed the way it displays results. The search engine has advanced its machine-learning technology to sort through search results intelligently and display those that are relevant to search queries.
This change represents a major shift from ranking for keywords to ranking for what is now known as user search intent. B2B companies should recognize the change in people’s search behaviour. Online users are increasingly using complicated, long-form questions to search the internet. Google deciphers those queries fast and displays answers that it deems useful and relevant.
This means the search engine returns few results that are not relevant to search queries only because they’ve been displayed as a result of SEO marketing efforts where the right keywords have been used.
To leverage user search intent, B2B companies can get technology lead generation services to help them ensure that they consistently:
  • Publish quality online content
  • Include authoritative links in their content
  • Make their sites responsive to mobile devices
B2B marketers should also work towards emulating what their prospects type in search engines. The best way to do this is to use topic clusters – a new technique that helps with lead generation.
The key thing here is to focus on your target’s pain points and the challenges that they face. This enables you to leverage user search intent to offer the best solutions and answers to your target – which leads to quality leads.

3. Publish Content Regularly

Content marketing is undeniably an effective lead generation strategy for B2B companies. While a research published by HubSpot shows that businesses that publish more than 16 blogs each month are able to generate up to 4.5 times more leads than those that don’t, not all companies are able to consistently publish quality content online.
But even blogging several times a month can have a significant impact on your business. Data from Hubspot shows that B2B companies that have a blog – where they post content several times a month – are able to generate more leads each month compared to those that don’t have a blog.
According to a study published by the Content Marketing Institute, 52% of B2B marketers lack adequate time to perform content marketing activities. Other challenges that B2B content marketers face are highlighted in the image below.
The reality of the matter is that B2B buyers will keep searching for high-value content to  solve their problems. 96% of B2B buyers seek quality content published by thought leaders, according to the Demand Gen Report.
A great way to ace lead generation is for B2B companies to enlist technology lead generation services to help them generate and publish such content consistently. B2B companies that do this get two main benefits:
  • They showcase their knowledge to prospects
  • They position themselves as thought leaders in their industry
As they publish content online, B2B companies can get better lead generation results by publishing compounding posts that create more attraction with time. Unlike posts that only peak upon publication then fade off, compounding posts are capable of attracting more prospects as time goes by.
The benefits of publishing compounding posts are enormous. Statistics show that compounding posts represent 38% all the traffic on a B2B company site. In fact, one compounding post can create as much web traffic as 6 non-compounding posts.
So, what should B2B companies that want to create compounding posts focus on? Here’s a list of important elements that should feature in your posts:
  • Creates posts that have a broad focus, not a narrow topic
  • Avoid complexity
  • Make content easy to skim or scan through
  • Don’t write about upcoming or topical events
  • Offer readers help, answers or solutions to problems
  • Give your content catchy titles that demonstrate solution – start with words line ‘what’, ‘how’ or ‘why’

4. Re-market Your Products or Service

Paid search is one of the most effective ways of generating leads and moving them down the sales funnel. As a matter of fact, most prospects – up to 65% – that want to buy an item or service online click on Google ads.
This means that prospects who visit your website for the first time may not necessarily become viable leads. According to Salesforce, such prospects could return to the site up to 8 times before they are ready to complete your lead capture form.
This is precisely why B2B marketers should use technology to re-market their products or services online. By doing so, they are able to consistently place their  brands or products before their targets and have their brands on top of their minds throughout.
For instance, a prospect may read one of your company’s blogs. After several, they’ll see an ad reminding them of a product or a service on their social media page. This consistent remarketing of products or services increases conversion rates significantly – which means increased sales revenue for your company.

Bottom Line

Technology lead generation is at the heart of B2B selling. If your company is not generating new leads, there is a high chance it would not be able to meet its sales revenue targets.  B2B buyers are increasingly changing their purchase behavior. To turn prospects into leads, B2B companies should start by understanding these changes and aligning their lead generation efforts with the changes.
In a world where technology plays a key role in people’s day to day lives, B2B companies need to hire technology lead generation services to boost their lead generation efforts. For instance, in the B2B space, buyers invest considerable amounts of time researching the internet before making a purchase. To convert prospects into leads, technology lead generation services can help companies to up their content marketing game. This would provide them with relevant content in every stage of the purchase journey and boost the companies efforts to generate quality leads.
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