How to Market On Instagram to Generate Leads?

Effective Instagram marketing strategies for lead generation include publishing lead generation ads, using Facebook Lookalike Audience, engaging with the audience through Instagram Live, maximizing results with action buttons, leveraging the Instagram bio, utilizing the Swipe Up feature, advertising podcasts, promoting user-generated content, and creating Instagram shoppable posts. These strategies can help businesses drive visitors to their websites, generate high-quality leads, and boost profitability. By implementing a combination of these strategies, businesses can maximize their lead generation potential on Instagram.


90% of accounts follow a business on Instagram.
That makes it a great platform for lead generation.
With the right Instagram lead generation strategies, you can quickly drive visitors to your website, generate more orders, and boost your profit.
Want to know how?
In this guide, we will discuss the most effective marketing strategies that can help you generate high-quality leads on Instagram.

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation

Before we begin, here is a short disclaimer: There is no magic formula to generate leads on Instagram.
To see effective results, you will need to use a combination of the strategies mentioned in this section.

1. Publish Instagram Lead Generation Ads

Lead ads are one of the most obvious ways to generate leads by marketing on Instagram.
To set up lead ads, you need to create an account on Facebook Ads Manager and select “Lead Generation” under the campaign objective.
Afterward, create a form with fields to collect users’ personal information such as name, phone number, city, occupation, etc.
Once a user clicks on your ads, Facebook and Instagram will automatically fill up the form.
After filling up the form, the user data is collected in a CSV format, which you can download from the Ads Manager.
Isn’t that easy?
Similarly, you can create lead ads based on your business type.
Regardless of the type of business or service you offer, you can leverage this lead generation tactic to grow your business.
You are charged some cost for each lead that you generate via the ad. The cost can vary based on the chosen region, age, and targeted audience.

2. Run Ads With Facebook Lookalike Audience

You can also leverage the Facebook Lookalike Audience feature option to generate more leads via Instagram.
Using this feature, you can target people with demographics and interests similar to your existing audience. Since you are reaching an audience that may be interested in your products or services, it can be a great way to generate high-quality leads.
To create a Lookalike Audience, you need to form a source audience using data from:
  • Customer Information: Upload either a .txt or .csv file, which you have generated through lead ads.
  • Website Visitors: Install Facebook pixel on your websites’ home page, product page, or add to cart page.
  • App Activity: With Facebook SDK ven tracking, you can collect the user data who have installed your app.
  • Engagement: People who have engaged with your content, including lead form, video, event, business profile, etc.
Note: To create a source audience, you need at least 100 people from the same country.
To create Facebook Lookalike Audience, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Visit Facebook Ads Manager and go to the “Audiences” option.
Step 2: Click on “Create Audience” and choose “Lookalike Audience.”
Step 3: From the drop-down list, choose the source audience (as we discussed above.)
Step 4: Select the country you want to target, and then choose a desired “Audience size” on a scale of 1 to 10.
You can even fine-tune your targeting strategy by selecting a percentage of the audience.
Run Ads With Facebook Lookalike Audience
Source: Facebook Ads Manager

3. Engage With Audience Using the Instagram Live Feature

When you go live on Instagram to interact with people, it appears on their Story. It is displayed on the top of their feed making it hard to miss.
Instagram Live videos create a sense of urgency because you or your follower can not view them once it ends. They are not recorded and saved on accounts like YouTube or Facebook. Instead, Instagram notifies your followers when you go live.
This can go a long way in attract new followers, attracting leads, and growing your engagement rate. You can also add their landing page links in the Live videos to generate more leads from Instagram.
If you run an Instagram Business account, you should definitely try this marketing strategy on Instagram.

4. Maximize Results With Action Buttons

Instagram is now adding more ways for people to visit websites, generate clicks, and capture leads. One such method is through Instagram action buttons.
In 2018, Instagram started rolling out a special feature to add call-to-action buttons for some of its accounts. After successful testing, the service is now available worldwide.
Today, Instagram action buttons are used by almost all businesses in the US and Europe.
Through these buttons, followers as well as non-followers can directly engage with the brand on Instagram and even visit their website.
Here is an example of such a call-to-action button added to an Instagram profile:
Action Buttons on instagram
Source: Social Media Explainer
Similarly, you can add a “Buy” button or even a “Contact Us” button to generate more leads on Instagram.

5. Make the Most of Your Instagram Bio

One of the oldest marketing hacks on Instagram is to add a link to your profile in the bio. You can redirect visitors to your website and boost your website traffic.
There are multiple ways to add links to your Instagram bio.
You can create a separate Instagram lead generation landing page and add the link to your bio.
If you have a special offer or event coming up, this strategy can be helpful in creating a buzz about it.
Alternatively, you can use a specialized platform like Linktree that lets you create a custom menu.
When someone clicks on the link, they can click on any option on the menu to check out a link on your website.
Here is an example:
Linktree Instagram Bio
Source: Instagram
You can also use this feature to provide links to all your blog posts on your Instagram profile. If you have a blog on your website, you should definitely use this strategy to drive more traffic and get more leads.

6. Leverage the Swipe Up Feature

The Swipe Up feature on Instagram lets you generate leads with your Instagram Stories. Using this feature, you can promote products, websites, and more.
Take a look at how you can leverage the Swipe Up feature on Instagram:
the Swipe Up Feature
Source: Plannthat
When users see such a Story, they can swipe up to get to the website address. This Instagram B2B lead generation strategy is especially useful for ecommerce brands.
If you don’t have a website to collect user information, you can add a lead generation form to the Swipe Up link.

7. Advertise Your Podcast on Instagram

From marketing to entrepreneurship, there’s no denying that podcasts are increasing in every business industry. Podcasts can help you boost your awareness and get more leads.
But, advertising your podcast on the right platform is the most crucial thing, and there’s no better place than on Instagram.
By promoting your podcast on Instagram, you can redirect leads from Instagram to other channels.
Gary Vee is the best example when it comes to using this marketing strategy. Take a look at some of his Instagram Stories about his podcast.
Podcast on Instagram
Source: Visme
Not sure what content to post on Instagram about your podcast? Well, here are some ideas for your inspiration:
  • Post interviews with industry experts
  • Inform the audience about your next podcast topic
  • Share short clips from the podcast
  • Post behind-the-scenes content

8. Promote User-Generated Content

Don’t have the resources to produce new content every day?
Encourage users to create content for you.
As per Stackla, consumers are 2.4x times more likely to say that user-generated content or UGC is more authentic compared to content created by the brand.
To run a UGC marketing campaign on Instagram, you can encourage users to tag you in their posts and Stories. You can feature such posts on your profile to give them more visibility. You may also use the free Instagram post generator to customize your posts and make them more attractive.
You can also create a special branded hashtag to generate more brand awareness. Here is an example of a graphics editor app, Procreate introducing a branded hashtag on Instagram:
Instagram post generator
Source: Instagram

9. Create Instagram Shoppable Posts

Previously, we discussed how you can showcase your products to your followers through the link in your bio or via Stories.
But with Instagram’s Shoppable posts, people can get details about your products and make a purchase directly from the app. These posts are marked by a shopping bag icon in the bottom-left corner.
Instagram’s Shoppable posts
Source: Visme
Shoppable posts on Instagram also show an option, “Tap to View Products.”
Once you click on it, you can check out the product name. Furthermore, when you can click on the name, you can get more details.
To start with shoppable ads, you need to create a business account and add your shopping catalog through the business manager.
Here is how the shopping journey looks like for an Instagram user for Shoppable posts:
shopping journey
Source: MarketingLand

Wrapping Up

Instagram can help you increase your reach, engagement, and conversion rate. If you get Instagram marketing right, you can grow your sales and generate more revenue.
Use the above-mentioned strategies to generate more high-quality leads. If you want the help of an expert, you can reach out to us. Our Lead Generation Services can help you take your business to the next level.
Do you have any questions about the Instagram lead generation services mentioned in the post? Please feel free to ask them in the comments section.
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