Top 5 Facts of Artificial Intelligence and Social Media Marketing

Top 5 Facts of Artificial Intelligence and Social Media Marketing



AI is continually gaining traction in the marketing field. Though there are fears that AI may remove the personal touch from everything, proponents of AI hold the opposing view: that AI will introduce a more personal touch, especially in marketing. There is nowhere where this is truer than in social media engagements. Brands use social media to introduce a personal touch in their engagement with people, or so to speak “put a face” to their brand. Introduce AI to the mix, and social media becomes a powerful tool for harnessing insights into people’s habits and behavior, giving your social media marketing strategy the ammunition, it needs to take your brand to the next level and beyond.

Below are some ways you can grow your marketing strategy with AI and social media.

1. Creating More Accurate Marketing Campaigns

marketing campaign

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Knowing your customer is key to

  • Selling your product or service
  • Offering a good customer experience

With AI, you can collect data that will help you come up with a precise persona and create a more accurate social media marketing campaign.

2. Improve Brand Image Through Social Listening

Do you know if what people are saying online is good or bad for your brand?” With the right AI tools, you can monitor brand stories on social media platforms and:

  • Learn customers’ pain points and whether your product offers a solution
  • Find out how your product competes against other brands
  • Learn which topics or phrases are trending
  • Single out thought influencers

3. Build Customer Loyalty

Personalized customer service is pivotal to building customer loyalty. AI “learns” people’s preferences from their online habits, and then targets them with personalized messaging based on those habits. For instance, customers can receive notifications about new products or upcoming big sales related to a product that showed up in their search history.

4. Improve Content Relevance and “Shareability”

Relevant content is a key component of social media marketing for small businesses. People only share content that they think is valuable. With AI tools, you can conduct in-depth analyses on data and optimize content to be relevant and valuable, hence “shareable”. As well, AI tools can suggest content that is fit for your audience, reducing the amount of time you spend thinking up topics to share.

5. Gather Insights into Product Use

Gather Insight

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Most people share their product experience on social media. With AI tools, you can sift through a large body of image data to find images related to your company. You will also learn the location of the people who bought, used and uploaded the images. This type of insight tells you who buys your product and how they use it. You can then back-check this information against your original video promotion and find out what needs tweaking.


As AI continues to garner interest from all quarters, intensifying investment will see the field grow into one of the most important social media marketing tools to use. Companies that embrace AI will have more ability to customize their campaigns to be more targeted and hence build customer loyalty. As a small business owner, you should prepare your company to be better placed to take advantage of AI.

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