Choosing the Right Content Syndication Services: A Buyer’s Guide

Entrepreneurs always face the problem of generating traffic and reaching the right audience. Content syndication comes to the rescue as you can republish your content through various websites and publications. UnboundB2B provides extensive content syndication services to provide a reach of 100+ B2B professionals. You will be armed with brand awareness, content optimization, and quality leads with cheaper and quicker access.
Your enterprise put a lot of effort into writing a great piece of content. You made sure to optimize it with SEO and then posted it on your website, and social media platforms. But, you did not get the views or responses you expected you would get. And you thought to yourself, what am I doing wrong here?
The answer? You are not using content syndication services. Getting traffic is one of the biggest challenges in front of marketers and content syndication is an effective strategy as it is cost-friendly, helps boost brand awareness, and enhances SEO performance. In a narrow view, content syndication is republishing the same content that can be on one or more different websites. 79% of marketers use at least one vendor for their content syndication.
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Most enterprises syndicate content to provide fresh information to the user. And authors and their brands benefit from it as it presents them to a new audience. It is a winning streak for both parties.

Top Benefits of Content Syndication Services

There are general benefits of content syndication services such as cost-effectiveness, improved ROI, and better SEO. But let’s talk specifics,

Expand Your Audience

Syndicating your content in multiple websites and publications can increase your content readability across a much larger audience. When you opt for in-house content syndication services your team can share top-performing assets through various distribution channels.
However, when you consider outsourcing it, you will experience a far more strategic approach. These experts will work with you directly to develop a thorough understanding of your target segments and buyer personas. With this information in hand, they will find the most relevant channels to syndicate your content.

Generate High-Value Leads

Along with reaching a wider audience, content syndication helps you drive maximum quality leads. This makes outsourcing, a valuable aspect of the lead generation process. Working with an in-house team can generate leads but will take a lot more time.
Outsourcing it will generate you the same number of leads except much faster as they understand key targeting capabilities with the protection of intent data. This will strategically seave the top-quality leads with efficiency. So you can prioritize more profitable sales opportunities from a short but definite list of quality leads, resulting in accelerated pipeline growth and revenue.

Generate Leads Now

Content Optimization

Syndicating content reflects your credibility as an enterprise. So it is only fair that you syndicate content that will provide value to your audience. Your content can include,
  • Original data or research that showcases you and your organization’s experts in your industry or sector.
  • Customer success stories that highlight how your product or service was successful in resolving a challenge or pain point for their business.
  • Tips, strategy, or practical guidance that will help prospects or present your deep understanding of the market or challenges.
So content optimization becomes a part of your content syndication strategy and provides leads to you and value addition to your prospects or clients.

Create Trustworthiness

Another benefit content syndication services provide is it provides abundant opportunity to build credibility with your target audience. This will also help you make a proper ICP without much hassle. You can initiate by syndicating content that will add substantial value to the right audience. This includes customer case studies, insightful reports, or any leadership-based article.
You will need to express a clear understanding of what business your clients do and their pain points and challenges. This will make you a reliable and trusted source of information and this goes a long way.
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    How UnboundB2B Can Provide the Right Content Syndication Services

    Our team at UnboundB2B accompanies B2B companies to maximize qualified leads and nurture them to become customers. We offer end-to-end marketing solutions to help marketers in Enterprise Tech companies to shorten sales cycles and maximize ROI on marketing spend. Our solutions make use of Artificial Intelligence to recognize the right buyers at the right time using unique buyer journeys to boost market demand.
    Moreover, we have a global reach of 61 million and our client success rate is 98%. With this in mind, we provide smart B2B content syndication services. Our excellence can advance your content marketing strategy. With our enterprise, you can publish white papers, case studies, and webinars to target the most appropriate audience and account at a suitable time.

    Our Content Syndication Services Method

    You can syndicate your content assets intelligently across our network with B2B content marketing. We have three methods of syndicating content, they are:

    1. Account-based Syndication

    With it, our team targets key accounts with custom content. The idea behind ABM syndication is that it builds relationships with high-quality accounts that generate substantial revenue for your organization.
    The key we use is to present highly personalized content assets that are relatable to their preferences and needs. So you create a long-term relationship with your prospect and retain them for extended time periods.

    2. Content Syndication Campaigns

    When you use our services, you reach an extensive audience from our database of 100M+ B2B contacts. So we help you expand your network and presence beyond your mailing list and website.
    Reaching this database will increase your brand awareness and generate quality leads. Unbound is providing you the opportunity to place your white papers, case studies, and webinars in front of a global audience.

    3. Install Based Targeting

    Install base marketing is a valuable strategy for B2B companies to understand customer usage and engagement. By analyzing install base data, companies can uncover opportunities for up-selling, cross-selling, and converting prospects. We target accounts with specific technology and boost conversions, reduce costs, and maximize returns on your marketing spend.

    Content Syndication Approach

    We use a simple 3-step process for placing content assets in front of a wider audience,
    3 step process for placing content assets in front of a wider audience

    1. Landing Page Design

    For syndicating content, it is crucial to dedicate a website page to it. We at UnboundB2B assign a landing page for your content asset. We develop and publish captivating landing pages for each content asset you provide in our publication. So you get the right exposure and audience for your content.

    2. Content Promotion

    We put all our efforts into promoting your content asset. It is often a challenge for B2B business and we understand that setback. We promote your brand and assets to our proprietary database of 100M+ B2B professionals and 1B web users to drive traffic and boost engagement.

    3. Monitor Reach

    It is not enough to initiate a campaign or promote the asset. Measuring and analyzing is crucial for content syndication’s success. We measure content reach through lead capture data. Also, our team prepares a list of MQLs and shares it with the clients for conversion.

    Case Study and Success Story

    Our team helped a client grow their sales pipeline by 138% with UnboundB2B’s content syndication solution. They are a US-based remote work technology firm specializing in providing a secure working environment for teams across the globe.
    The enterprise launched a new application that combines communication and support solutions, new products, and a new partner network. However, with these changes, the tech enterprise was experiencing challenges generating high numbers of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that could convert into paying customers quickly.
    Our marketing team held a meeting with the client’s team and upon assessing the situation, it was apparent that our content syndication strategy was the most suitable solution to the MQL generation challenge.

    Boost Your Revenue with UnboundB2B

    With our precise content syndication services, you will receive better and faster leads. It comes with a plethora of benefits and amplifies your audience reach and brand awareness. Our syndication method can provide different ways to reach an audience while the process will lead you to high-quality leads. UnboundB2B can take your hassle and you will have the time and energy to focus on your main product and services.
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