How Can Podcasts for Link-Building Help B2B Marketers?

Podcasts in link-building strategies emphasize their capacity to increase website visibility and generate natural backlinks. It highlights the need to produce high-quality material to attract backlinks and provides an overview of five essential tactics for using podcasts in link-building operations. The article highlights podcasts' increasing popularity in the digital landscape and their importance for search engine optimization.
The driving force behind an effective link-building campaign is having a valuable piece of content that other websites want to link to. Blog posts are well-known link targets, but this article explores how podcasts for link-building can power your campaign.
A link-building strategy aims to navigate visitors toward your website and its offerings from organic backlinks on other sites. Websites favor placing links to content that provide their readers with more value, so as audio content becomes a growing trend, we can expect more sites to link to podcasts willingly.
Here are some benefits of podcasts for link-building:
  • Boosts visibility -One of Google’s top-ranking factors is links, and if you appear on top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you will be more visible to potential website visitors.
  • Builds credibility in the industry – In addition, the higher you rank on the SERPs, the more credible and trustworthy you are to potential customers.
  • Increases referral traffic – If a high-traffic site links back to you, it’s more likely that some of its visitors will also visit your site. In turn, this can increase your email subscribers or social media followers.
  • Builds relationships – As you continue outreach for link placements, you’ll develop meaningful relationships with brands and others in the industry through guest posts, social media talks, and email conversations.
This article will explore five strategies that include podcasts for link-building using audio content.

Five Ways To Build Links Using Podcasts

1. Choose the Right Topic

Before starting your podcast, consider the companies and industries you want to collect backlinks from. Creating episodes that fit into their content and appeal to their visitors is crucial. There are two ways to go about this.
Firstly, you could choose a niche podcast topic such as ‘small business advertising’. This means your podcast episodes will only be relevant to small business websites, particularly those focusing on advertising. This option may be more challenging to find link placements, but it will undoubtedly make you a thought leader on the topic.
Alternatively, you could choose a broader topic, such as ‘advertising’, and create podcast episodes that appeal to different backlink candidates.
A infographic explaining different Episode Topics for B2B Podcasts
The second option in podcasts for link-building is to increase the number of websites that could link back to you, making outreach easier.
After deciding on your podcast topic and title, I’d recommend publishing at least three episodes because over 60% of adult podcast listeners listen to multiple podcast episodes back-to-back in a single listening session.

2. Host Podcast Episodes on Your Website

Hosting podcast episodes on your website is a key part of your link-building campaign because it gives other websites a solid backlink target.
You can publish your podcast audio files on Buzzsprout or a similar platform and then embed those on your website in a section that differentiates from your standard blog posts. There are multiple ways you can do this:
However, feel free to also submit your podcast to directories like Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music or Audible, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.
Apple Podcasts is the most popular, with 37.4% of listeners, while Spotify is in second place with 26.8%. Google only accounts for 2.4% of podcast downloads, but getting listed here helps reach Android listeners.

3. Be a Guest on Other Industry Podcasts

Creating your own podcast is an excellent way to establish yourself as a thought leader within the industry. However, being a guest on other podcasts is also crucial as it creates publicity for you and your brand.
Most podcast hosts look for interesting and knowledgeable guests who can offer valuable and relevant information to their listeners. So, if you have a particular skill set, unique knowledge, or an interesting opinion, it should be relatively easy to become a guest on industry podcasts.
Then, when the podcast host links to your website from the episode you are featured in, you get organic attention from their fans and followers, who may subscribe to your podcast or even purchase some of your products or services.

4. Connect With Other Podcasters

In addition to being a guest on other podcasts, you should also build a valuable network of podcasters. Meeting other podcasters is a great way to learn from each other, improve your podcast, and reach new audiences.
You could even work together on an episode that both of you publish and share. This will ideally earn you both backlinks and new listeners.
Once you have enough authority, you can invite guests to feature on your podcast, which may also direct their fans and followers to your content.

5. Personalize Your Outreach

Personalized email outreach improves click-through rates and conversion rates. So, it’s essential to personalize your outreach campaigns to each potential backlink candidate.
Once you have episodes published, pick which episodes are relevant to which of your outreach prospects. You may also send multiple emails to get the same episode as a backlink placement but don’t just copy and paste these – personalise them accordingly.
Your email outreach should tell your backlink candidates what the episode is about, which part of their content it would fit nicely into (this shows you have researched their website’s offerings), and how it can benefit and be of value to their website visitors.
In addition, podcasts allow other sites to integrate new kinds of content into their posts. So, mention that since this isn’t a standard blog post, their visitors will find your podcast episode extra interesting. In 2024, the number of global podcast listeners is expected to be 504.9 million.


Your backlink targets won’t link to just anything, as it affects their credibility. If your podcast episodes are uninspiring, your link requests will get ignored. However, if your content is valuable and informative, websites will willingly add backlinks to your content, some may even do this without being asked thus making your podcast for link-building a success.
Overall, podcast episodes are excellent, link-worthy content for your link-building campaigns because audio content tends to have highly engaged audiences, meaning these links are more likely to generate referral traffic.
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